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Dreamflower's Mathoms I  by Dreamflower
This is an anthology containing 100 of my short ficlets, vignettes, drabbles and other short pieces. It is now full. LAST POSTED: "Spring Quickening" which Merry and Diamond deal with a surfeit of mint...(written for the Shire Kitchen Recipe Fic Challenge)
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Brandy Hall, Hearthside at Yule, S.R. 134911
Chapter  2: A Matter of Perspective7
Chapter  3: Neither Have I Wings to Fly10
Chapter  4: Helping the Gaffer4
Chapter  5: Wish You Were Here...2
Chapter  6: A Mist of Tears and Weariness7
Chapter  7: Sam's Mistake13
Chapter  8: Making Time for Music9
Chapter  9: At the Inn in Bree7
Chapter 10: Yule in Hollin15
Chapter 11: Wedding Night10
Chapter 12: Circle of Joy8
Chapter 13: One of the Lads19
Chapter 14: Rest10
Chapter 15: An Appeal to Family6
Chapter 16: A Gift for Frodo10
Chapter 17: The Steward and the King5
Chapter 18: A Special Homecoming11
Chapter 19: What I Did This Summer...9
Chapter 20: Three Nights Out of Bree...9
Chapter 21: Under the Lilac Bushes13
Chapter 22: Lesson Learned: Spring Flood, 14337
Chapter 23: The Lady's Gift9
Chapter 24: In the Style of Ogden Nash12
Chapter 25: Third Thoughts9
Chapter 26: Proposal5
Chapter 27: All You Have to do is Ask8
Chapter 28: Comfort Food11
Chapter 29: The Taste of Strawberries11
Chapter 30: The Stubborness of Tooks16
Chapter 31: Tea and Talk7
Chapter 32: A Young Hobbit's Fancy9
Chapter 33: Hide and Seek8
Chapter 34: Lamentation11
Chapter 35: In The Sitting Room6
Chapter 36: A Thorny Problem12
Chapter 37: Seven (Going on Thirty-nine)10
Chapter 38: On the Blessed Isle3
Chapter 39: Captain Freddy5
Chapter 40: The Pact12
Chapter 41: Test Results6
Chapter 42: Standing at the Bow2
Chapter 43: Last Look6
Chapter 44: Homecoming4
Chapter 45: Worth the Wait2
Chapter 46: Fatherly Advice7
Chapter 47: Heart's Desire7
Chapter 48: The Apples Don't Fall Far From the Tree6
Chapter 49: Moving Day7
Chapter 50: Down the Green Hills6
Chapter 51: Gandalf Ponders8
Chapter 52: The Morning After the Night Before7
Chapter 53: Muffled Conversation7
Chapter 54: Morning at Bucklebury Ferry11
Chapter 55: Gandalf Observes Boromir4
Chapter 56: A Purpose in Life8
Chapter 57: Papa's Present5
Chapter 58: Waiting for Bilbo9
Chapter 59: The Knight Has Been Unruly10
Chapter 60: Home at Last7
Chapter 61: Stop and Smell the Roses5
Chapter 62: Whisper of Hope7
Chapter 63: Memory and Sorrow7
Chapter 64: At Crickhollow5
Chapter 65: Buckland Spring13
Chapter 66: The Smallest Hands9
Chapter 67: The Birthday, S.R. 14027
Chapter 68: Pippin's Promise9
Chapter 69: Five Things That NEVER Happened to Bilbo Baggins...4
Chapter 70: Bachelor Party10
Chapter 71: A Small Incident on the Great River...9
Chapter 72: Surprises8
Chapter 73: The Heart of the Conspiracy7
Chapter 74: A Summer's Day Ramble8
Chapter 75: First Meeting8
Chapter 76: "Learning Curve"10
Chapter 77: A Night to Remember7
Chapter 78: Something To Be Thankful For10
Chapter 79: Pippin's Charge to Éowyn12
Chapter 80: Once Upon a Time...7
Chapter 81: Growing Pains8
Chapter 82: Sweet Memories11
Chapter 83: Tom Cotton10
Chapter 84: Determination8
Chapter 85: Happy Birthday, Pippin!12
Chapter 86: Brandy Hall on First Yule, S.R. 138810
Chapter 87: Eucatastrophe III: Yuletide in Minas Anor11
Chapter 88: Warm Welcome Home9
Chapter 89: Pippin's Dumpling9
Chapter 90: First Time, But Not the Last9
Chapter 91: A Long and Weary Night10
Chapter 92: Where There's a Will...There's Merry11
Chapter 93: Sam in the Middle15
Chapter 94: Late Knight Snack9
Chapter 95: Conspiratorial Interlude9
Chapter 96: Comfort Between Friends11
Chapter 97: "Dear Frodo..."16
Chapter 98: Five Years Old8
Chapter 99: Traveller's Tales7
Chapter 100: Spring Quickening9

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