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Dreamflower's Mathoms I  by Dreamflower

Author's note: This was written for the fic_inspiration community on LJ, the challenge, to write a fic based on an assigned chapter title.


The day after the coronation, Faramir found himself summoned by a king.

With much trepidation, he knocked upon the chamber door, and was bid enter.

He bowed.

“My Lord Éomer? You summoned me?”

The King of Rohan turned from contemplating the city below his window. “I miss the green plains of the Riddermark,” he sighed. “Yes, my lord Steward. My sister tells me that you are the reason she did not obey my summons to come to me at Cormallen.”

“If that is so, it cannot but please me, my lord.”

“Then I say it pleases me also.”

They smiled.

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