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The Green Knight  by Le Rouret
Two years after the War of the Ring, King Elessar's Privy Council advises him and Prince Faramir to hold a Grand Tournament in the ruins of Osgiliath to draw the strength of foreign knights and warriors to Gondor. (*COMPLETED*)
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Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Bandobras of Tookland4
Chapter  2: The Tournament Begins1
Chapter  3: Lasgalen Oakleaf of Dale3
Chapter  4: The King Comes to Osgiliath4
Chapter  5: The White Lady Chooses Her Champion4
Chapter  6: The Green Knight and the King3
Chapter  7: The Privy Council Meets3
Chapter  8: An Invitation to Dine4
Chapter  9: In the Tent of the Green Knight7
Chapter 10: Digestif6
Chapter 11: Brytta of Rohan6
Chapter 12: The Brown Knight Turns6
Chapter 13: Brytta's Challenge7
Chapter 14: The First Letter6
Chapter 15: The Second Letter6
Chapter 16: The Goat is Tethered7
Chapter 17: The Goat Escapes5
Chapter 18: A Warning Heeded5
Chapter 19: The Gray Knight is Surprised5
Chapter 20: Sweetmeats and Mushrooms6
Chapter 21: Aldamir of Amon Din7
Chapter 22: The Scourge of Orome6
Chapter 23: One Traitor Discovered4
Chapter 24: Sorcery on the Lists7
Chapter 25: The Healer's Tent5
Chapter 26: Good News5
Chapter 27: Galas of Eryn Lasgalen3
Chapter 28: The Elvenking9
Chapter 29: The Lines are Drawn5
Chapter 30: The Battle of Amon Din3
Chapter 31: The Goat in Pursuit2
Chapter 32: The Lion Overcome4
Chapter 33: The Lovers Reunited4
Chapter 34: The First Celebration0
Chapter 35: Loose Knots Tied Firmly3
Chapter 36: The Tournament Ends3
Chapter 37: A Mislaid Letter4
Chapter 38: A Sad Farewell14
Chapter Author's Notes: Glossary of terms7

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