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The Green Knight  by Le Rouret 3 Review(s)
CorielReviewed Chapter: 30 on 3/23/2004
Well that was quick! But just when you think all the loose ends are tied off, Legolas goes missing. Hm. The next installment should be another worth waiting for. :)

"They were then in full cry, hoping to draw out the scouts of the enemy, caroling a Westron tune of war; Faramir sitting silent upon his destrierís back heard to his amusement the Elven King humming carelessly along."

Loved that bit!

PortiaReviewed Chapter: 30 on 3/22/2004
I discovered your story a short while ago, and I really like it. Your language is so beautiful, and it really does have a feel that's both Tolkienish and medieval, which not many authors can pull off. Of course I like the Legolas-centric nature of the story since Legolas and Gimli are my favorite characters. Your Legolas is so sweet and Gimli is so mother-hennish, and Thranduil is just as cool as I imagine him. And Bandy is a nice OC. I want a hobbit to cook for me now.

And of course, Legolas will be ok in the next chapter, right? We can't have Bandy upset!

LamielReviewed Chapter: 30 on 3/22/2004
You mean he hasn't achieved godhood yet? Could have fooled me. But heck, I'm sure it'll be soon. I'll just worship quietly in the meantime.

Oh, it is something to see Legolas take command and strategise. And his speech to the troops could have come straight from Tolkien himself.

I am concerned about this disappearance, though. Seems that he could handle four knights, considering he has backup, and the way he mowed down that whole company before, single handed . . . but I have a sinking feeling that those knights are leading him into a trap. The Lion is waiting, and there hasn't been NEARLY enough Elf torture in this fic yet. Hard to imagine how they could possibly surprise or overwhelm Legolas and his knights, even if they do have hostages, but I'm not putting anything past you. This story has surprised me a few times already.

Anyway, another brilliant chapter, and I eagerly await more. Thank you!


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