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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea
Probably been done before, and perhaps better, but Bill the Pony gave my elbow a nudge this morning, causing me to spill my tea, and he licked up all the sugar from the bowl, and is likely to make a complete nuisance of himself if I don't write down his story. Chapters are about as long as a pony's attention span. New: Beginning the descent
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Prologue17
Chapter  1: We take our leave of Bree15
Chapter  2: We leave the Road13
Chapter  3: We enter the pathless wilderness, no longer on solid ground16
Chapter  4: We share and share alike12
Chapter  5: We go from uncertain ground... to uncertain ground 9
Chapter  6: We make our way towards Weathertop12
Chapter  7: We continue towards Weathertop10
Chapter  8: Six days out from Bree; we reach the feet of the western slopes and travel on8
Chapter  9: We explore a grassy hollow9
Chapter 10: We take a bite and consider11
Chapter 11: We are overcome on Weathertop13
Chapter 12: We elect to leave the dell12
Chapter 13: We cross the Road into a wild and pathless land8
Chapter 14: We climb a long rise and contemplate the Road once more10
Chapter 15: We cross the Last Bridge6
Chapter 16: We pick our way through a pathless country6
Chapter 17: A soaking rain begins7
Chapter 18: We are forced to turn away northwards out of our course6
Chapter 19: We eat a cold and comfortless breakfast7
Chapter 20: We follow a promising valley, but it proves false at the last7
Chapter 21: We begin an impossible climb8
Chapter 22: We reach the top of the ridge6
Chapter 23: We pass a cold and windswept night6
Chapter 24: Things are looking up; we are moving steadily down5
Chapter 25: Trolls!8
Chapter 26: We descend toward certain death4
Chapter 27: We encounter... trolls at close quarters6
Chapter 28: We find a temporary resting place8
Chapter 29: Well-rested, we return to our journey7
Chapter 30: We travel upon the Road once more5
Chapter 31: We meet hope unlooked for, aid unexpected10
Chapter 32: Not yet pursued, we run5
Chapter 33: The Road goes ever on4
Chapter 34: We reach the limits of endurance, still a day from the Ford7
Chapter 35: On to the Ford, at our best speed (or hobble)7
Chapter 36: At the Enemy's attack, we make our stand5
Chapter 37: The waters recede, and we cross over8
Chapter 38: We mourn our loss, but worse is yet to come7
Chapter 39: We pick ourselves up, for we dare not tarry4
Chapter 40: Surrounded, and then left behind6
Chapter 41: I follow after5
Chapter 42: We arrive... at my new home?7
Chapter 43: Restless, I find some sort of rest at last7
Chapter 44: Many meetings6
Chapter 45: I muse about leave-taking4
Chapter 46: More travellers arrive4
Chapter 47: At long last, I know contentment7
Chapter 48: I hear some news of the Master, but want more4
Chapter 49: A merry meeting5
Chapter 50: We think thoughts of home6
Chapter 51: I am bid a disquieting farewell5
Chapter 52: I lend a listening ear6
Chapter 53: I blot my copybook6
Chapter 54: I am off my feed6
Chapter 55: The days grow shorter7
Chapter 56: I meet an old man who is more than he seems5
Chapter 57: I take part in a curious conversation4
Chapter 58: Scouts return and we hear news of the outside world6
Chapter 59: I make my wishes known6
Chapter 60: We make preparations4
Chapter 61: I am offered one last chance4
Chapter 62: Comfort, and a blessing to go on6
Chapter 63: We stand before the door and think of things forgotten8
Chapter 64: We depart and begin a long climb 5
Chapter 65: We leave the Valley behind 6
Chapter 66: We reach the Ford, and pause for refreshment4
Chapter 67: We walk through a long, cold night7
Chapter 68: We pause, and Master expresses consternation5
Chapter 69: We find a resting place for our first night... er... day5
Chapter 70: We take supper and breakfast and go to our rest5
Chapter 71: We ponder the abilities of hobbits4
Chapter 72: We prepare to move on5
Chapter 73: We follow faithless paths in a windswept wilderness2
Chapter 74: We follow winding paths to sheer falls, and swamps4
Chapter 75: Disaster nearly strikes6
Chapter 76: We remember past celebrations4
Chapter 77: We have a celebration of our own3
Chapter 78: We stumble over rough paths through the darkness4
Chapter 79: Second day of the New Year, same as the first, a little more sleet, weather a little bit worse7
Chapter 80: Another day, another dollop of this and that6
Chapter 81: We find rest along the way5
Chapter 82: We make a long and stumbling night-march4
Chapter 83: We reach the top of a low ridge in the dawning4
Chapter 84: We contemplate mountains, valleys, and lost and present Elves5
Chapter 85: We move down into the valley of the forgotten Elves6
Chapter 86: We find a resting place amidst the holly4
Chapter 87: We make good use of our rest5
Chapter 88: We take warning from our surroundings5
Chapter 89: We set the watch8
Chapter 90: Some thoughts on the hazards of quiet meadows5
Chapter 91: Our plans change6
Chapter 92: We endure disappointment for the sake of necessity 5
Chapter 93: We bid Hollin goodbye3
Chapter 94: Some thoughts on the care and keeping of hobbits3
Chapter 95: We tread an ancient road4
Chapter 96: We consider names and books and things2
Chapter 97: We make our own hiding places4
Chapter 98: We wind through the hills, climbing higher4
Chapter 99: We pause to consider2
Chapter 100: A decision is made, and I am at first happy, then sad and confused4
Chapter 101: We begin our climb, and pause for a rest4
Chapter 102: We climb a sharp slope, but that is not the worst of it3
Chapter 103: A snowfall begins4
Chapter 104: We play ‘I hide and you seek me’ with the wind and snow4
Chapter 105: The storm grows ever worse3
Chapter 106: We stop and find ‘shelter’6
Chapter 107: We have leave to kindle fire, but cannot10
Chapter 108: Our wood, the Wood Elf and thoughts of other woods6
Chapter 109: An eye-opener, and no mistake4
Chapter 110: We contemplate descent by various means4
Chapter 111: What goes up must come down, or so they say, though perhaps not in polite company8

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