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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 4 Review(s)
KathyG.Reviewed Chapter: 60 on 3/21/2014
Well, it sounds as if Bill will be pretty content as long as he can stay with his hobbits, the travel conditions notwithstanding. But it's going to be a different story when they're compelled to turn him loose!

Author Reply: Yes, poor Bill, he'll be happy for a little while -- I want to say "three weeks or so" but I don't have the timeline in front of me. And then, he's turned loose on his own, with only Gandalf's words of guiding (and his own good sense, and pony paranoia) to protect him. Yikes!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 60 on 3/21/2014
What a lovely chapter! I'm glad that someone who can is explaining things to Bill! He's in for another adventure and I am glad to see it begin--and though I do not look forward to his eventual separation from Sam, I DO look forward to seeing how he makes his way to their eventual reunion!

Author Reply: I have thought, from the first time they met, that perhaps Bill reminded the guide of some childhood pony, and the Elf took a special interest in him for that reason, and also for his courage and loyalty in bringing Frodo through.

And yes, I'm looking forward to the reunion at the end -- it's one of the main things that enabled me to write through all the difficulties in between. Whew.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 60 on 3/21/2014
Just in case, I will eat my fill each day before we depart, of the sun-sweet hay in the racks, and drink deeply at every chance. I will roll on the frost-silvered grass, and store up the sunshine in my mind and imagination

That's one of my favorite passages in your whole story.

Author Reply: Thank you! I love to hear favorite passages.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 60 on 3/21/2014
Ah, he knows now he will be going with his Sam and Master. Good!

Now, his guide has left the care of Bill's feet to "another Hobbit" till now?

I like Bill's plans to store up memories of his current good life for the hard times to come. He's a practical sort, obviously!

Author Reply: Whoops, good catch! I have no idea where that came from -- it's not in the draft. Slip of the fingers? Wishing for more hobbits, perhaps? Rivendell can obviously use a few hobbits, and not just visiting ones. (LOL)

(And now I find myself wishing for a Shirebound or Budgielover or Grey Wonderer gapfiller. I shall have to prowl the archives over the weekend. Got any suggestions? Do you have any stories -- with mention of hobbits -- set in Rivendell?)

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