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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 5 Review(s)
DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 87 on 3/21/2022
*grin* I've decided to give up on that journal idea for today, and snatch some time to catch up on this again. Can't garden in the rain! And since I'm sitting at my desktop, I can just switch to SoA, and catch up a little...

So, I love this chapter. There are a lot of places in the movies that make me think, well, Tolkien didn't tell us about it, but I am quite sure it did happen at some point in the story. The sword training for Merry and Pippin is one of those things. I had Boromir start them back in Rivendell, and having to break Merry of the habit of holding his breath, LOL!

I really do enjoy Bill's "voice". He always sounds so pony-like in his observations, and yet he has learned much of "people ways" on his journey, and you show that too. You are giving him a very nice "character arc"!

Well on to the next chapter before lunch!

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 87 on 7/29/2017
One more note. I very much enjoyed the drills, and recognized at once the inspiration from the "Crebain" scene from the movie. It reminded me of another scene inspired by that one. Go to Budgielover's decade old stpry "A Lesson on Hobbits", to Boromir's chapter. It fills in details of that sword drill scene set in the rocky enclosure on their journey. The same scene more from Boromir's point of view. And is not that what we all enjoy so much about our fan-fiction! Filling in the holes, looking at our favorite scenes from every possible angle!

Author Reply: Oh, I need to hunt up that old story and re-read it. What fun!

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 87 on 7/29/2017
So lovely to see you still journeying along. "Jump in, strike, jump back again" Do you suppose as Pippin lay buried under that mountain of troll, dead from his own strike, that he had Boromir's voice in his head reminding him that he DID NOT JUMP BACK? As always, Bill's speculations about the other's thoughts and feelings are quite insightful!

Author Reply: I very much think that Pippin heard Boromir's voice saying strike and step back... And doesn't it sound like something Strider would remind him of, while coaxing him back to life after Gimli found him under the troll?


LyanaReviewed Chapter: 87 on 7/29/2017
I don't leave many reviews, but oh, I love this story! It's wonderful how you capture the pony POV, introducing Middle Earth and the Fellowship through scent, taste and sound. I always find myself completely swept into this gentle telling through Bill's eyes, ears and nose. I've never read anything quite like it. Thank you!

Author Reply: Thank you so much! I appreciate your taking time to leave an encouraging word. I am trying to update on a regular basis again, even though wolves and Caradhras and fearful "snakes" loom ahead. Yikes.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 87 on 7/28/2017
Aha! A good idea, that of Bilbo's, disguising sword drills as dancing lessons. Dora would have had a fit had he admitted he was preparing Frodo to one day take up his own adventure. As for the Brandybucks--I think they, too, would have been upset. But dancing is most proper for any Hobbit to know, after all. You'll find I managed to do much the same in "In Empty Lands," although I did it a bit differently.

Author Reply: Every lad should learn certain basic skills. After all, in Bilbo's opinion, the road can be a treacherous thing, and you never know where it might sweep you off to...


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