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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 5 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 68 on 12/5/2014
Poor Merry, having knowledge he must not continue walking on such an injury but doing his best to do so anyway, and then to be carried as would be an infant! Bill is quite astute in a wise beast's way.

Author Reply: Poor Merry, indeed! He was probably worried about Pippin slowing them down, and determined to do his best to help his younger cousin along, and then he has to be the one to turn an ankle! Sheesh. Sometimes you just can't catch the breaks. Um, maybe I should rephrase that...

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 68 on 12/5/2014
Ah! A very likely occurrence given the terrain they have to cover. And of course Merry tries to hide it, and of course he can't fool his observant cousins.

(I love the bit with "supper-breakfast" and "breakfast-supper"! LOL! Especially Frodo and Pippin coming up with the latter simultaneously! Those two are so much alike in some ways!)

Poor Merry! Having Legolas carry him has to be humiliating. I hope that Strider can bind it up and give him a little something for the pain.

Author Reply: Of course!

It's funny (to me at least) that I was wrestling with what to call the meal, and took another peek at the section of "The Ring Goes South" that I'm drawing from, just to glean ideas, and there it was, staring me in the face. Supper-breakfast! I'm so glad JRRT supplied that little detail.

Poor Merry! I'd supply him with comfrey leaves, as I did Ferdi and Estella in the latest chapters of The Rescue, but I don't think Strider would be able to find any this time of year, in this terrain. I'm sure Strider will come up with something, though.


Garnet TookReviewed Chapter: 68 on 12/5/2014
Here I am, leaving another review. :)

Just what did happen "that other time'? Hmmm?

It's really kind of fun seeing things from a point of view other than the nine walkers. It puts a whole new perspective on things.

Author Reply: Here you are, and glad I am to see you!

You know, "that other time" is an actual story, sitting in rough draft on my hard drive. One of these days I will have to drag it out of hiding and polish it up.

I do love to look at a scene from different perspectives. I have been accused of writing the same story over and over, as a matter of fact. Such is life.


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 68 on 12/5/2014
I have found that my hobbits tend to talk lighter, the heavier the going, and I think to myself that Master might fly away altogether if hes not careful

I love that line. :) I'm so relieved that Merry will be tended to now.

Author Reply: Thanks for hitting a highlight. I love JRRT's stating of the original premise, that hobbits talk lightly of troubles -- where does that come out? In the Houses of Healing, is it, with Merry's awakening? It has been too long since I've re-read LOTR. I used to have annual bouts of pneumonia or bad bronchitis, where I had to keep to my bed for a few days at a time, several times each winter, and LOTR made for wonderful comfort reading. It is a mixed blessing to be healthier these days, and as a result, busier. (!)

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 68 on 12/5/2014
Good! At least, Merry's ankle will be tended now.

Author Reply: Yes! Merry, I'm sure, would have tried to conceal his injury much longer, even telling himself (while knowing within that he was being a fool) that it would heal on its own, with no trouble to the Company. I'm glad his cousins are so observant, and know him so well.


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