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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 6 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 108 on 2/17/2022
Wonderful observations here! Love how Legolas arranges the company and Bill just so in order to protect the flame from wood, and how he speaks to the wood itself. But what do they expect with Saruman cursing their actions and the bitterness of the wind suppressing the wood's possible desire to cooperate?

I truly love this chapter!

Author Reply: Thank you! I have always written Legolas rather cautiously, but I seem to get a clearer picture of him through Bill's eyes, somehow.

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 108 on 12/7/2021
Good thing that Gandalf's with them! He'll save the day. =)

Author Reply: Yay for Gandalf! "G" is for "grand"! (indeed.)


MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 108 on 12/5/2021

So happy to see your posting! Haven't yet had the time to read the chapter yet but had to at least take the time wave and see how you have been.



Author Reply: Waving back at you! I just had to sign in to read Larner's latest, especially since it's a birthday present (and such a lovely one!), and then I lingered to finish (at last, whew) the latest chapter of Bill's story, which has been sitting half-finished on my hard drive for about forever. But at least our friends have a fire now, and what with all the snow that's been falling lately all over, it seems rather appropriate to kindle a warming fire.


sueReviewed Chapter: 108 on 11/29/2021
Hullo Bill! Still freezing you poor guy. Here's a warm bran mash to warm you up and a hug to warm your heart.
Love, Sue

Author Reply: Bill whiskers and rubs his head against your arm before plunging his muzzle eagerly into the warm brain mash...

Hullo, Sue, so glad to hear from you!

Alas, poor Bill, there is still some story to get through before he finds comfort. *sigh* But the happy ending will be so satisfying to write!

Author Reply: "whiskers" was supposed to say "whickers", but spell-checker sneaked in a "correction" in a "helpful" moment. (I seem to recall someone comparing the spell-checker to a small, drunken elf living under the keyboard, wobbling around and making ever-so-well-intended changes in the twinkling of an eye, just before the author hits "submit".

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 108 on 11/29/2021
Yeah! You are back. As many reviewers noted, we go from reading about cold during an august heat wave, to reading about snow in November. Some of us have already had one snowstorm, or more. Although, in my Snake River Valley, we are having an unseasonably warm November. I like Shirebound's comment on the "otherness" of Legolas. I have read comments over the years where people say that due to his close friendships with mortals, Legolas almost seems "half-elven", like the twins. Here, tho, you very much show his confident ties to nature, and his own inate power. Your Bill has very much noticed all of the little things which make up his companion's personalities.

Author Reply: Yay! I carved some time from work to finish this chapter and part of the next, so at least Bill's story should move forward this week. (I am hoping for more time to work on the puppy story, too, but I'm on another deadline at work, so we'll see...) Think good thoughts.

After worrisome drought (the drought maps were a waking nightmare), we are experiencing record rainfall for the month. Better than drought, anyhow. I wonder if we'll have snow this year? In any event, there's plenty of snow in the current chapters of Bill's story.

Thank you so much for stopping to tell what you noticed! It seemed to me that as a Wood Elf, Legolas would have a special connection with trees, somehow. Didn't JRRT say something about the Elves trying to talk to all living things? It has been interesting to contemplate. And I still remember being struck, decades ago, by the 'otherness' of Legolas when the members of the Fellowship were descending Caradhras, and he was running lightly over the snow. And I got that 'cold as ice, hard as steel' impression when he shot the Fell Beast out of the air - in the darkness, wasn't it? My brain insists it was the one sent to collect Pippin from Saruman after the fool of a Took looked in the palantír, but I must admit, it has been a few years since I've read the books, and I might be misremembering. I have begun again, listening to a chapter a day in audiobook form while winding down from work at the end of the day.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 108 on 11/29/2021
I like seeing this scene filled out so beautifully, and how Bill is seeing and sensing the 'otherness' of Legolas.

Good wishes to you, my friend! I hope life is bringing you many things for which to be thankful.

Author Reply: Thank you, my friend. I think that Bill's pony senses would definitely pick up on such things.

We had a wonderful, relatively quiet holiday, but including some blessed time with loved ones that we don't see often enough. I hope this reply finds you well, and send my warmest wishes in return.

(I saw in another review of someone's story, you said you might write again, perhaps...? How lovely that would be. I mean to imply no pressure, simply encouragement and cheer. I think, once this latest deadline at work is put to bed, I will polish off the next Bill chapter and then seek out one of your Cormallen stories for a respite.)


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