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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 5 Review(s)
MlleGigiReviewed Chapter: 70 on 2/9/2015
I'm very happy to see that you're still committed to this story, despite the fact that it's been quite a few years in the making...thank you. I can think of man fanfic writers who have been abandoned by the muse or who have simply given up and lost interest within shorter (sometimes much shorter) periods of time.

I love this chapter, for the stories that we hear about Boromir after his death (most of them from Faramir) paint a picture of a very generous and kind-hearted as well as very brave man...and yet unfortunately, Tolkien does not allow us to see much of this while he is alive. Yes, we are given glimpses of a man who bears the weight of many cares and concerns even before being tempted by the Ring...but I find it difficult to believe that Elrond would have agreed to make him part of the Fellowship if he had not perceived Boromir to have a truly noble soul. I'm glad that you chose him to be the one to feed Bill and give him appreciation. Bill is already friends with the hobbits and Aragorn and Gandalf, but it's nice to see the other members of the Fellowship showing him kindness.

Author Reply: Thank you for the encouraging words. I'm actually hoping to finish this story before its tenth anniversary (sad, but true).

Glimpses is right, and even a bit of reading between the lines at times. And yet, the Professor's world is so very rich and deep, with so many possibilities...

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 70 on 2/7/2015
In this chapter, I like how Boromir sought to help Sam take care of Bill, and I also like how Frodo sought to take care of Sam.

Author Reply: I think Elrond chose the Walkers with great care. I don't know if he foresaw Boromir's trouble, or not, but Boromir's actions at the breaking of the Fellowship probably, in an uncanny way, saved the Quest by forcing Frodo to the decision he made.

That said, I think all in the Fellowship would have been committed to making things work, and beyond that, Boromir has genuine regard for the pony (for reasons that will come out later, I hope, and if not in this story, perhaps in another), and I love the turnabout of Frodo watching out for Sam.


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 70 on 2/7/2015
Dear Bill! Love that he's realizing that Boromir has a good heart, and that Sam is able to accept that he has allies in his love for the doughty pony. And I, too, see Frodo as being convinced to help others so as to make him rest.

Love this!

Author Reply: It is good to see this side of Boromir. Didn't JRRT call him a noble man? I can't remember, but this early in the journey, he was still completely self-possessed.

I think that once Sam saw Boromir's care, and Bill's response, he was able to relax and, yes, accept Boromir as an ally in Bill's care.

(Strider is very... um, sneaky, here... but for that matter, Merry really was shivering cold. So it worked out for the best, for both Merry and Frodo, as it turned out.)


DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 70 on 2/7/2015
Awww! Such a sweet chapter; even grumpy, the hobbits still take care of one another. And it's good to see Boromir looking out for poor Bill. I'm glad the pony didn't have to eat bitter tree bark for his supper-breakfast (or was it breakfast-supper? I get the two confused.)

Author Reply: I get them confused, too, to tell the truth. But I think this is Supper-breakfast simply because they've been walking all night, and this is the end of their day (thus "supper"), but they're eating at breakfast-time. Perhaps there is actually some meal reflecting that concept in hobbit society already, sensibly named "supper-at-breakfast" and partaken of by those who must work through the night, like nurses or midwives or a farmer watching over a prized cow giving birth.

One thing that hobbits are astonishingly precise about (besides genealogies, that is), and that would be mealtimes.


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 70 on 2/7/2015
My heart was breaking for poor hungry Bill until Boromir came to him. What a gentle, lovely encounter between them.

Author Reply: Thank you!

It seemed likely that Bill would have to carry grain as well as rations for the two-legged Walkers, at least while they were walking through the winter landscape. After all, he has to keep up his strength!

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