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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 6 Review(s)
Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/20/2009
Poor weary Bill - I am so glad the Elves left one of their number to bring our faithful pony to Rivendell.

Bill has certainly had an eventful time since leaving Bree but he seems to be as keen on the Elves as Sam!

Looking forward to more.

Author Reply: Yes, I think he is as keen on the Elves as Sam. After all, if Sam thinks something is wondrous, Bill is sure to follow. (And the same with things that Sam doesn't like. Bill certainly trusts his judgment!) Well, he has a nice rest coming now...


Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/15/2009
I'm glad poor Bill wasn't left alone when they arrived at Immladris, and love the wonderful, reassuring welcome he received. Was it one of the twins? Elrohir, I hope!

Author Reply: Elrohir would be the logical one, if it was one of the twins. I think his name has something to do with horses, doesn't it?

The Muse, however, is strangely quiet on the matter, having given me a physical description (including aroma) and very little else for the moment.


harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/15/2009
Oh poor Bill. I am glad that there is one who understands and can be understood.
I liked the foot by foot reference.

And poor Bill, little does he know now that in the future will be another time of long effort, fear and poor food.

Now you are making me wonder why Bill ends up back at Bree rather than Rivendell.

Author Reply: Yes, I was thinking of Pippin coaxing Merry along when I wrote that. Poor Bill, and yet he is only a pony and lives mostly in the moment, so he will truly savour the joy of being in Rivendell, and perhaps even better than the hobbits.

Hopefully you'll understand his ending up in Bree as the story unfolds.


DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/15/2009 sweet, for poor Bill to finally be getting a bit of "c" himself! He's really worked so hard thus far.

Is this dark-haired Elf Elrohiri? or some other Elf of Rivendell? I'm quite curious about him. But most of all, I'm happy that Bill will be safe and comfortable finally.

Author Reply: It would be lovely if the Elf was Elrohir, but the Muse seems to be thinking along another line, another backstory springing into place, a young Elf who marched behind Gil-Galad to the South and lived many adventures after, who in these latter days has chosen, instead of a place at the high table with the other Elf-lords, a humble place of service, the healing warmth of the sun on drying hay, the snuffle of a velvety muzzle on the palm of the hand, the subtle contentment of watching dust motes floating in a sunbeam in a quiet stable, where the only noise is the chomping of the horses on their grain, the occasional desultory thud of a hoof against the boards as a horse shifts its weight... very restful and healing.


Author Reply: (meaning that when he was young he marched to the battle, not that he's young now)

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/15/2009
"Safe home..." And so it shall be, for a little while. I'm happy dear Bill and our weary, grieving hobbits will soon be in Rivendell.

Author Reply: Yes, very soon. According to The Hobbit it took Gandalf and the dwarves and their Burglar from morning until nearly sunset to travel from the Ford to the Valley. Bill's probably travelling as slowly as they did--while his guide knows the way, and doesn't have to search for half-buried white stone markers, the poor pony is indeed very weary.


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/15/2009
One of the twins left to bring him along. How wonderful that they leave one particularly for him, and at such a moment!

Author Reply: Well, it might have been one of the twins. I pondered this a long time, wondering who would be left holding the pony, for there's no way Bill could keep up, but he mustn't be left behind, either, on an unfamiliar road.

This particular Elf-warrior, though, seems to me to have been around for a long time. I think he might even have marched to the South upon a time, as part of a Grand Alliance. He's older than he looks (obviously) and while he's proficient with the sword (long years of practice, and lately there's been more reason for that), his taste lies more in the line of hayfields and horses these days.

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