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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 6 Review(s)
harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 50 on 10/3/2010
Oh yes I do think that Bill deserved a little detour - slightly AU or not!
Sorry for the lateness of this. Blame SOA. And apologies for the virus. I am still cursing the unknown person who gave it to me.

Author Reply: *hugs* A virus is a nasty thing. I don't understand the mindset of their authors.

So glad to hear from you! And sorry about the lateness of this reply. Life gets busy. (Goes without saying so pardon me for stating the obvious.)

TariReviewed Chapter: 50 on 10/1/2010
Finally, Bill is reuinted with his beloved master. He is such a sweet pony. Unfortunately, not all are. The pony that pulled Gandalf's cart was very stubborn and would not come over to us, no matter what was offered to him. I really wanted to scratch him behind his ears.

I'm sure Bill ended his days with Sam somehow even thought Tolkien never says so.

Author Reply: Naughty pony--perhaps he'd been with the dwarves too long, and was sceptical of treats from strangers. Ear scratching and treats (no matter what was offered to him? Sweet grass, freshly pulled? Carrots? Sugar lumps? A crumbly biscuit complete with pocket fuzzies? --silly pony! to forgo all that!), who could ask for anything more?

I wonder if Sam rode Bill to the Havens to say good-bye to Frodo? Must think on this.


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 50 on 9/23/2010
Oh, Lindelea, how I hope they did make that visit! And how glad Bill would have been to see it, just as you've noted! Excellent!

Once the kids are out and into their own home, I'll be down for a few days, God willing and the sun shines on us!

Author Reply: The sun's shining, is that a good sign? Will hope for a visit. Found a nice little gluten-free bakery this morning, isn't that fun?

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 50 on 9/20/2010
What a wistful and poignant chapter! I loved Bill's reaction to seeing Frodo well! But as we know, of course, they are not going home. I just want to hug them all!

PS and OT: Did you get my email?

Author Reply: Just got it, glad you mentioned it or I might have missed it in my crowded box. (Yes, BTW, in answer to your question. Happily.)

I really wanted a scene of Frodo, happy, after re-reading his awakening with Gandalf, and realising he thought he was done. At least, I think he thought he was done. The giant schnoz was up all night last night with tummy troubles, so I'm a little vague today. But I think that's what I was thinking. Or I think I was thinking. But then again, maybe not.

Muddled enough?

Actually, a nap sounds like just the thing.

eilujReviewed Chapter: 50 on 9/20/2010
I am perfectly happy. Who needs carrots, or sugarplums, or slices of bread, I ask you? -- And it's wonderful to see him happy. If any pony ever deserved happiness, it would be Bill.

Their talk of "home" is so poignant, knowing what we know....

A few chapters back, I sat down and re-read the whole story. It holds together well despite the brevity of the chapters. I was struck with your consistency in portraying Bill's habits, his "voice," his pony-view of the world, and other details which build a character. (And of course the hobbits and the other characters too.)

Thank you for continuing Bill's tale.

Author Reply: You're very welcome, and I thank you in turn for coming along for the ride.

I'm glad the story holds together. The short chapters are deliberate, reflecting an equine attention span, and so I hope it's not too inconvenient for the reader. (Rather like Fortinbras' journal entries -- those, too, are necessarily brief. If I only had to write *those* chapters it would be easy to move that story along at a quicker pace than it's going.)

Not sure yet how the journey will go. I keep thinking of Frodo's imaginary journal entries, and Bilbo's imagined response. "Snow? That's all?" or something to that effect. Bill's journal could be quite tedious, once they start again.

Resting. Wolves howling.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 50 on 9/19/2010
Who needs carrots, or sugarplums, or slices of bread, I ask you? Give me the affectionate attentions of two hobbits, any day, and I will be content.

Another lovely chapter. Bill is feasting indeed... on hobbity love.

Author Reply: A different kind of feast. Must admit that this chapter was heavily influenced by the face-rubbing habit of a certain giant schnauzer (who is almost as big as Bill, come to think of it, and quite prone to grazing and scrounging for edibles).

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