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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 5 Review(s)
KathyGReviewed Chapter: 69 on 1/7/2015
Bill can certainly recognize when poor Merry isn't feeling so merry!

Author Reply: I wonder how he'll name the hobbit when Merry finally is!


TariReviewed Chapter: 69 on 12/28/2014
Poor Bill. What people say can be quite confusing for the poor dear, but he never gives up trying to understand and help where he can.

Author Reply: He never gives up trying to understand. Sometimes language is like a jig-saw puzzle for him... you know the kind of puzzle made so you can fit the wrong piece in and fit wise it goes quite well, only you find later that it doesn't go there at all, but quite some other place entirely.


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 69 on 12/27/2014
Ah, how refreshing it is to have a new chapter of this tonight! Poor Bill--trying to appreciate the thoughts of two-legs when they utter what is for a pony sheer nonsense! But he will do what is required of him, we know!

Author Reply: I'm afraid Bill is very literal-minded. Most four-legged beasts are, I find, although the Puppy certainly demonstrates imagination...! We have decided that Giants are quite the most intelligent breed we've ever known. Zoe showed the same keen wit (she could even count quite high for a dog), but we thought she was unique.

I had intended to post a chapter a day to the end (each chapter representing a day), starting on the 25th, when they started, but that plan sort of flew out the window.

Still, working at the next chapter in fits and starts. Maybe I'll get it posted this week.


Author Reply: p.s. say a prayer for the pup, if you think of her. She's lame again for the second time in less than a month, and I'm dearly hoping it's not her hip. The kennel guaranteed her hips if we fed her a fiendishly expensive raw diet... but I'm not sure we could give her up to claim a replacement, if her hips turn out to be bad... I'm hoping it's just having come down wrong from a jumping up trick.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 69 on 12/27/2014
Oh yes! I can easily imagine Merry both chagrined and embarrassed at the injury itself, and at having to be carried by Legolas. And then for Frodo to scold him as well!

I love all the funny names Bill has come up with for the Company; how interesting that only Sam gets his own name!

Author Reply: I'm glad you noticed about the names. Sam is special to Bill, even more special than "my old man" was. Alas, poor Merry. Although Frodo is skating on thin ice, as it were...


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 69 on 12/27/2014
Master only laughs, a lovely sound.

Awwww, that makes my heart happy. This journey in the cold and wind must have been miserable, but everyone, Bill included, always does his best.

Author Reply: Yes, doing their best can make misery more bearable, somehow. Knowing how one grumble can multiply to a multitude, I think hobbits are wise in their choosing to "talk light" in the face of heavy matters.


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