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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 4 Review(s)
KathyGReviewed Chapter: 76 on 7/18/2015
Thank goodness Bill finally got to have something to eat and drink! He must have been pretty hungry and thirsty by the time camp was set up.

And I love the TLC Sam got in this scene.

Author Reply: Thank you!

(Actually, I want to reassure you, that this was not a hungry/thirsty travel day for Bill. Sam gave him every opportunity to drink when they crossed running water (or when the trail ran alongside running water), and Bill's meal this night comes before midnight, instead of around dawn. It was a short night of travel because they had to get Sam warm, and quickly, after he fell in the stream.)

So everyone has a bit of a rest, after about a week of travel, which is probably a good thing.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 76 on 7/17/2015
All are far away from home for the winter solstice, no matter what they refer to it as. May they have at least a bit of celebration tonight!

And Bill has his Yule feast first of all of them.

Author Reply: Ah, yes, celebration. Reminds me of an old version of Christmas Carol, where Christmas Present shows Scrooge celebrations in all sorts of settings, including a lighthouse on an island, with a storm howling and waves crashing against it.

A little celebration is good for morale, I should think.


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 76 on 7/17/2015
What a nice interlude for our beloved Fellowship. Sam all warm again, and supper/breakfast being prepared, and Bill with a toothsome treat. *beams*

Author Reply: Ah, yes, the original narrative mentions that they were "seldom" able to have a fire, so that means that they *did* get to have a fire or two along the way, wouldn't you think? Sam's "falling in" made a good reason for a fire, that's for sure.


DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 76 on 7/17/2015
Yay! Sam's getting plenty of coddling, which he both needs and deserves!

Love the way you've set this on the timeline, helping the reader to know just which part of the journey they are on and how many days it's been without coming right out to say it. Clever!

And I always grin at Bill's names for the Fellowship, especially "young mischief" who is not at all mischievous at the time, but is getting along quite responsibly and efficiently with the things that need doing, and without being nagged or even asked. (An interpretation of his personality borne out by canon; he was the first to say "as much as we must" about carrying loads when the ponies were stolen in Bree! He can be funny and light-hearted without acting like a child, as some would show him!) Anyhow, I do love your Pippin!

Author Reply: Thank you!

I think my impression of Pippin was partly formed by the BBC dramatization, long before the movies ever came out. Though he sounded young, he also sounded quite level-headed (when he wasn't doing something impulsive and foolish, that is!).

I was afraid at first that I'd written right past the turning of the year. Imagine my relief when I combed through what was posted and realized I still had a window of opportunity!

I had forgotten about Pippin being the first to say that! It seems more like a Samish thing to say. I'm glad to have this glimpse of Pippin's hidden depths.

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