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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 8 Review(s)
Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/18/2008
Poor Bill and poor Frodo! I can hardly wait until they all get to Imladris - Bill deserves extra apples and pampering.

Good chapter.

Author Reply: Yikes, belated reply!

I can hardly wait... I hear the grass is long and sweet in that particular valley.

Thanks for reading and taking time to drop a note.

MaayaReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/16/2008
Oh, I am so glad to see more of this. Poor Bill, and poor hobbits. Such desperate struggle, and it is so nicely described through Bill's eyes.

Also, I wrote out an author rec about you and your writing a while ago, on my rec journal. if you are interested. ;)

Author Reply: Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a note!

I appreciate the author rec - reading it made my day.

I too am hoping that Thain will be finished sooner than later... (as well as this one, and a few others.)

Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/16/2008
Poor Bill - and poor Sam, who must have hated having to hit Bill. And how typical of Frodo to have compassion for both of them, even though he must feel dreadful. I hope that their ordeal is over soon and that we can see Bill enjoying himself in Rivendell.

My mother said that when she was a little girl and horses were used for deliveries in the 1920s, the thing which distressed her most was watching those horses struggling to keep their footing in icy weather.

Author Reply: I am also looking forward to arriving in Rivendell! There are a few chapters to go before that - a pony's attention span is only so long, and it takes time to get things down. But we are making our way again, foot by foot, and hope to get to the top of this hill, to the trolls, and on to the meeting with Glorfindel soon.

My dad told me one of his most frightening childhood memories was seeing a runaway horse and wagon, when he was a tiny tot. I can imagine how distressing it would be for a little one to watch horses struggling, feeling sympathy and helpless to do anything to help.


Reviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/16/2008

Marvellous story, beautifully written.
So glad you've 'taken up the reins' again!
Looking forward to reading more chapters.
Thank you.

Author Reply: You're welcome, and thank you for taking time to leave a note.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/15/2008
Oh, poor Bill!

And poor hobbits--Pippin so determined, Merry so protective, Frodo so weary; and Sam, poor Sam, forced to strike his beloved Bill!

It's so like Frodo to deal with it this way, a precursor of his one-foot-in-front-of-the-other slog through Mordor. It *has* to be done, and so it *will* be done, whatever he may feel like!

What a treat to find today--I've had a sort of rotten day, and it was very nice to find this when I got home!

Author Reply: Aww. *virtual shoulder rub - there, is that any better?*

I'm glad that the timing was right.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/15/2008
I am so glad to see this Lindelea I was missing our journey with Bill. Poor Sam. I think that I was weeping nearly as hard as him over hitting Bill. (Well maybe that is a slight exageration!)

Author Reply: I am glad to oblige. Had to get up extra early this morning, and had some time before the rest of the family got up, so I indulged myself with a bit of imagining. Glad you came along for the ride, er, climb.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/15/2008
Poor old pony, until someone he is feeling sorrow for tries the thing himself. Well done, Lin! My horse use to get this way in the winter when there would be packed snow or ice beneath his hooves.

Author Reply: My horse would plant her feet whenever sneaky, vicious puddles crossed her path. It is a good thing we lived in a fairly dry climate at the time. Thanks!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/15/2008
Ohhh, so heartbreaking! But Bill is definitely one of the Fellowship, with all the toil, respect, and love that entails.

Author Reply: Yes, and I'm still worried about how they're going to manage to get *him* up that hill!


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