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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 4 Review(s)
DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 78 on 1/20/2016
Aw, poor Bill! A stone in the foot must have been so painful, poor baby!

I love that Merry caught it and that Legolas was able to fix it. One of the neat touches was Merry's little bird-call signal to summon Pippin, who responded so quickly. I am quite sure that there's a whole world of backstory to that signal but that you didn't waste time explaining it, but just left it to us readers to speculate.

Very nice chapter; well, all of them are. I love how each little section is a little vignette, leaving us knowing just a wee bit more at the end of it.

Author Reply: Somehow I missed answering this! Beg pardon.

Ah, yes, bird calls. Hobbits have come a long way from Bilbo being expected by the Dwarves he accompanied to the Lonely Mountain, to make bird calls to signal them of any trouble...


LarnerReviewed Chapter: 78 on 8/19/2015
I'm so glad it wasn't particularly serious. Poor Bill, and poor Sam. I am glad that Merry IS used to ponies and heard the difference in the hoofbeat. It helps to have such people along, and Legolas knows HOW to ask and manages to relieve the pressure properly.

And Frodo knows how to comfort Sam for not having recognized the situation. Dear Frodo!

Author Reply: It is good to have an Elf along, who can speak and understand proper equine. And dear Frodo, how I have missed him and the others. It's been a long dry spell.


UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 78 on 8/17/2015
Very sweet chapter. I am so glad they were able to help Bill.

Author Reply: I'm glad they got the stone out before it penetrated too far and lamed him. Poor fellow, though they would have unloaded him and carried all they could manage, he'd still have followed them like a dog...


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 78 on 8/17/2015
Dear, sweethearted Sam. He probably feels nearly as responsible for Bill as he does for his Mr. Frodo.

Author Reply: Nearly! As I recall, he was terribly torn between them at the gates of Moria. And Bill is the same towards Sam.


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