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If It's Trewsday It Must Be Buckland...  by Dreamflower
In celebration of Back to Middle-earth Month, I am participating in the Passport to Middle-earth Challenge" For March 31: "Stupid Is As Stupid Does"...Lotho Sackville-Baggins fancies himself a ladies' hobbit; Merry and Sam decide to teach him a lesson... My tour is now COMPLETE!
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Charmed!10
Chapter  2: Eleven Walkers8
Chapter  3: Believe It or Not!6
Chapter  4: Merry Waits...6
Chapter  5: One Is the Loneliest Number5
Chapter  6: A Light Lunch9
Chapter  7: Babe in the Woods8
Chapter  8: Eye-Opener4
Chapter  9: Breaking the Rules3
Chapter 10: September 23, S.R. 14013
Chapter 11: White Stone5
Chapter 12: Appreciating the View6
Chapter 13: Turned Away5
Chapter 14: A Question of Gratitude7
Chapter 15: A Visit to Cousin Hugo3
Chapter 16: Clear View4
Chapter 17: Better to Give Than to Receive7
Chapter 18: Pity6
Chapter 19: Listening for Returning Feet5
Chapter 20: In a Pinch3
Chapter 21: "Lament for Boromir"2
Chapter 22: What We Can3
Chapter 23: There was echo of song4
Chapter 24: Counting Crows6
Chapter 25: What Goes Around 5
Chapter 26: The Path of Wisdom3
Chapter 27: Time for a New Song4
Chapter 28: Messages Home4
Chapter 29: "Samwise at Cirith Ungol"3
Chapter 30: Meriadoc and Peregrin, S.R. 14845
Chapter 31: Stupid Is As Stupid Does4

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