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An Alphabet for Middle-earth  by Dreamflower
In honor of March being "Back to Middle-earth Month", the LiveJournal Community "there_n_back" is posting a series of alphabetized prompts... LAST: "Z: Like Zooming Around Zirakzigil"...a climatic battle...(a dribble)
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: A: Like an Antagonistic Arwen12
Chapter  2: B: Like a Bathing Boromir9
Chapter  3: C: Like Certain Circumstances in the Citadel7
Chapter  4: D: Like a Dirty Dragon10
Chapter  5: E: Like an Evil Elrond14
Chapter  6: F: Like a Fearful Faramir12
Chapter  7: G: Like a Gasping Galadriel8
Chapter  8: H: Like a Hale Halbarad8
Chapter  9: I: Like Inspiring Ilúvatar12
Chapter 10: J: Like Juggling the Jewels of Fëanor7
Chapter 11: K: Like Kissing the King of Númenor13
Chapter 12: L: Like a Legacy of Legolas8
Chapter 13: M: Like Marrying Merry8
Chapter 14: N: Like a Nimble Nimrodel7
Chapter 15: O: Like an Ornery Oromë7
Chapter 16: P: Like a Pink Pippin9
Chapter 17: Q: Like a Querulous Quickbeam10
Chapter 18: R: Like a Radiant Radagast9
Chapter 19: S: Like a Sordid Sauron7
Chapter 20: T: Like a Turgid Turgon5
Chapter 21: U: Like Unsavory Urges in Umbar9
Chapter 22: V: Like a Visiting Varda11
Chapter 23: W: Like a Wet Warg8
Chapter 24: X: Like Excruciating Exertions on the Way to That Crucial X 10
Chapter 25: Y: Like a Yawning Yavanna10
Chapter 26: Z: Like Zooming Around Zirakzigil5

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