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The Many Aspects of Merimac Brandybuck  by Lily Dragonquill
This shall be the place for stories focusing on Merimac Brandybuck in major and minor roles. Each chapter will stand on it's own. They are written in no particular order and many minor and major characters of LotR will also have an appearance.

UPDATE: Hands: Four vignettes where a hand says more than words can.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Feeding A Cousin1
Chapter  2: Once Bitten, Twice Shy2
Chapter  3: Tomp Tomp4
Chapter  4: To Die For3
Chapter  5: Punishment4
Chapter  6: Master's Heir, Master's Son5
Chapter  7: Looking After4
Chapter  8: A Pony Too Little2
Chapter  9: Sleep3
Chapter 10: Easing Troubles 4
Chapter 11: Bedtime Hour4
Chapter 12: Milk and Honey4
Chapter 13: Hero4
Chapter 14: A Special Yule4
Chapter 15: Joy of Your Life4
Chapter 16: A Father's Reflection5
Chapter 17: A Little Rest3
Chapter 18: Pets3
Chapter 19: Between Leaves3
Chapter 20: Among Family4
Chapter 21: Precious2
Chapter 22: Penny Buns or The Straw Hat Chronicles Part I2
Chapter 23: Nursing3
Chapter 24: Of Pranks and Experiments2
Chapter 25: The Chanter's Tune2
Chapter 26: All that is Needed3
Chapter 27: The Apprentice3
Chapter 28: The Smell of Yuletides Past2
Chapter 29: Tuckburough Market3
Chapter 30: The Fright3
Chapter 31: Hands3
Chapter Author's Notes: Explanations on this Series and a List of Stories2

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