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Burden of Guilt  by Linda Hoyland
A violent and tragic misunderstanding with Eomer threatens Aragorn and Faramir's friendship and the Steward's very life. Meanwhile Arwen prepares to give birth and Aragorn is faced with the loss of all whom he loves. Replica Handbags Rated for violence,childbirth and dark themes. Under revision. Please note,this is not a new story. I am currently editing it for typos and was much surprised when it reappeared on the front page,which was not my intention.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: The King and the Steward4
Chapter  1: Messing About On The River0
Chapter  2: Grin and bare it 0
Chapter  3: Sackcloth and Ashes2
Chapter  4: Elven Blushes1
Chapter  5: The Merry Wives of Gondor3
Chapter  6: Arwen and Éowyn1
Chapter  7: Gathering Clouds0
Chapter  8: Swordplay0
Chapter  9: Cushions and Contractions2
Chapter 10: Fall from Grace1
Chapter 11: Grievous Wounds1
Chapter 12: A Dangerous Procedure1
Chapter 13: The Mystery of the Missing Steward.2
Chapter 14: The Dark Night of the Soul3
Chapter 15: The Evil that Men Do3
Chapter 16: A Vision beyond all Nightmares.2
Chapter 17: Grim Discoveries2
Chapter 18: The King's Despair4
Chapter 19: The Valley of the Shadow of Death3
Chapter 20: Pain and Confusion3
Chapter 21: Labour and Strife2
Chapter 22: Behold the Man !4
Chapter 23: A Child is Born3
Chapter 24: The Best of Times,the Worst of Times2
Chapter 25: The Fateful Letter4
Chapter 26: A Crisis and Divers Conversations3
Chapter 27: A Sad Awakening3
Chapter 28: The Gulf Widens2
Chapter 29: Crying in the Night3
Chapter 30: Now cracks a noble heart4
Chapter 31: Fear and Frustration1
Chapter 32: A Noble Mind O'erthrown ?3
Chapter 33: The Comfort of Friendship4
Chapter 34: Losing Hope3
Chapter 35: When the Bough Breaks2
Chapter 36: The Flight of Faramir3
Chapter 37: Whither Thou Goest2
Chapter 38: What Damrod Knew2
Chapter 39: A Time to Speak3
Chapter 40: Truth is the Beginning3
Chapter 41: A Time to Heal2
Chapter 42: Time to Stand and Stare3
Chapter 43: As Flies to Wanton Boys2
Chapter 44: Love is Come Again3
Chapter 45: A Friend in Need2
Chapter 46: What's in a Name ?3
Chapter 47: Soul of Adoration2
Chapter 48: Fathers and Mothers2
Chapter 49: A Rudely Interrupted Bath5
Chapter 50: Mud and Stars6
Chapter 51: Not in Harmony Merely5
Chapter 52: Pain and Compassion6
Chapter 53: To Err is Human6
Chapter 54: Where did you get your eyes so blue?5
Chapter 55: The Force of Temporal Power5
Chapter 56: Measure for Measure5
Chapter 57: Many a Good Hanging4
Chapter 58: Oft Expectation Fails4
Chapter 59: Yesterday's Errors5
Chapter 60: This Rich and Precious Gift4
Chapter Epilogue 2: And the greatest of these is love. 8

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