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Paradox of the Fourth Age  by Alassante
One wrong decision can make a world of difference. When one of the Fellowship makes the mistake, the consequences are so severe that only the Valar can repair it. But will they? The fate of Middle Earth depends on everyone walking their intended path.Torn between the past and the future, she is forbidden to warn them of any missteps. ~~~Nominated for a 2006 MPA in Drama/Angst~~~ ~~~ 2006 MEFA Winner - 3rd Place - AU: Incomplete, The Faramir Goes to Rivendell Award~~~
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Prologue5
Chapter  1: Daughter of the House of the Golden Flower5
Chapter  2: Sacrifices6
Chapter  3: Fleeting Moments3
Chapter  4: Falling2
Chapter  5: A Band of Gold3
Chapter  6: Whispers of the Past4
Chapter  7: Facing the Enemy3
Chapter  8: In My Dreams He Binds Me3
Chapter  9: Secret Whispers in the Night7
Chapter 10: Lingering in the Shadows5
Chapter 11: Hollow and Bewildered3
Chapter 12: Spellbound5
Chapter 13: Blood and Honor7
Chapter 14: Fire in the Dark4
Chapter 15: Paths We Walk Alone4
Chapter 16: Stay with Me3
Chapter 17: Unbreakable3
Chapter 18: Return to Me2
Chapter 19: In the Places That You Hide2
Chapter 20: Drawn Together2
Chapter 22: Namárië3
Chapter 22: Reflections3
Chapter 23: Trust2
Chapter 24: Choices1
Chapter 25: New Beginnings1
Chapter 26: The Paradox2
Chapter 27: Passing Shadows2
Chapter 28: We Come to It At Last3

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