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Force of Nature  by shirebound
A “Quarantined” sequel: Aragorn finds that he needs assistance from Frodo, young Merry, and Scamp to locate a Ranger lost in the Old Forest. But the rescue has an unexpected outcome -- the trees have a message for Aragorn, and a strange accident makes Frodo the only one who can deliver it. Characters also include Bilbo and Halbarad.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Merry Meetings17
Chapter  2: Hidden Paths16
Chapter  3: Hidden Dangers19
Chapter  4: Hidden Fears19
Chapter  5: Crickhollow19
Chapter  6: Keeping Secrets21
Chapter  7: Summoned17
Chapter  8: The Pledge14
Chapter  9: Home and Hearth18
Chapter 10: Between Worlds16
Chapter 11: In Your Company16
Chapter 12: A New Understanding16
Chapter 13: Home Is Where the Heart Is14
Chapter 14: Promises18
Chapter 15: Leavetaking27

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