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In Darkness Bound  by Fiondil
In the aftermath of the Darkening, three kings search for meaning in the midst of tragedy. One seeks absolution; another, vengeance, while the third merely endeavors to salvage what he can from the disaster and protect his people from future harm. celine outlet All may find what they are looking for, though not necessarily in the way they expect, for, as always, the Valar have their own agenda. Many thanks go to my betas, Alassiel and Ellie.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Lehta Mandostello12
Chapter  1: Seeds of Darkness Sown9
Chapter  2: A Discussion Among the Valar7
Chapter  3: Reactions Among the Eldar6
Chapter  4: The March of the Exiles 6
Chapter  5: Unrest Revealed4
Chapter  6: The Handing Over of Authority8
Chapter  7: Ingwë In Tirion6
Chapter  8: Olwë4
Chapter  9: The Twins at Ilmarin6
Chapter 10: The Twins and Námo6
Chapter 11: Deceptions3
Chapter 12: Family Council8
Chapter 13: Betrothal4
Chapter 14: News from Vanyamar5
Chapter 15: Muina Hostalë5
Chapter 16: A Noldorin Prince in Vanyamar6
Chapter 17: Findaráto Before the Valar6
Chapter 18: The Betrothal Dinner and What Came of It7
Chapter 19: A Relationship Renewed3
Chapter 20: Deepening Currents5
Chapter 21: The High King Returns4
Chapter 22: Ingwë at Formenos5
Chapter 23: A Matter of Record5
Chapter 24: A Conspiracy Is Formed5
Chapter 25: Consultations9
Chapter 26: Lessons for a Noldorin Prince7
Chapter 27: Recovery3
Chapter 28: The Week Before the Wedding5
Chapter 29: iVeryanwë Lirulin Intarionyë6
Chapter 30: At the Wedding Feast3
Chapter 31: Findaráto in Valmar2
Chapter 32: Decisions3
Chapter 33: Darkness Foreshadowed8
Chapter 34: Darkness Rising5
Chapter 35: Family Disputes5
Chapter 36: Fateful Decisions4
Chapter 37: The Ingaran’s Ambassador2
Chapter 38: First Impressions8
Chapter 39: At the Court of Tirion5
Chapter 40: The Prince Returns12
Chapter 41: Amilessi6
Chapter 42: Of Births and Betrothals7
Chapter 43: Seeds of Betrayal5
Chapter 44: Further Discussions Among the Valar11
Chapter 45: Invitations and Reactions6
Chapter 46: Melkor in Avathar9
Chapter 47: The Feast of Thanksgiving Commences10
Chapter 48: The Last Days of Light12
Chapter 49: iMaptalë Cálëo7
Chapter 50: Grief Unbound7
Chapter 51: First Sorrow8
Chapter 52: At the Máhanaxar6
Chapter 53: A Conspiracy Suspected8
Chapter 54: Mahalmacundo7
Chapter 55: The Queen’s Council5
Chapter 56: Fëanáro’s Return3
Chapter 57: The Crowning of Fëanáro14
Chapter 58: Sië Quentë Fëanáro12
Chapter 59: Finwë in Mandos11
Chapter 60: After the Coronation11
Chapter 61: Preparations for Departure6
Chapter 62: Mission to Alqualondë7
Chapter 63: Audience With Olwë8
Chapter 64: Preparations Advancing 6
Chapter 65: Ingwë Alone12
Chapter 66: Plots and Counterplots8
Chapter 67: Persuasion Unavailing9
Chapter 68: The Faring Forth8
Chapter 69: A Deathness of Swans10
Chapter 70: The Road North5
Chapter 71: Prophecy and Doom9
Chapter 72: Salvaging Hope6
Chapter 73: Entulessë7
Chapter 74: Ingwion Alone4
Chapter 75: Ingwion in Vanyamar7
Chapter 76: A Search for Answers6
Chapter 77: Escape Plans6
Chapter 78: Leaving Vanyamar6
Chapter 79: Ilmarin13
Chapter 80: Debate and Decisions7
Chapter 81: Abdication and Acquiescence8
Chapter 82: Ranyar8
Chapter 83: Judgment14
Chapter 84: Pityahuan11
Chapter 85: Rebellion14
Chapter 86: Arafinwë in the Chapel of Stars7
Chapter 87: On the Road West6
Chapter 88: Arafinwë at World’s End6
Chapter 89: Unforging a Collar9
Chapter 90: Repairing the Damage8
Chapter 91: Noldóran10
Chapter 92: Intarion and Lirulin in Tirion6
Chapter 93: Four Nissi and a Nér3
Chapter 94: Intarion Alone5
Chapter 95: Ingalaurë Alone9
Chapter 96: Ingalaurë Takes Command8
Chapter 97: Who Watches the Watcher?7
Chapter 98: Queen’s Gambit Declined6
Chapter 99: Allies Unlooked-for4
Chapter 100: On to Eldamas5
Chapter 101: The Lindaran in Valmar7
Chapter 102: An Audience with Lord Manwë10
Chapter 103: The Making of the Great Lights and Other Matters7
Chapter 104: Waiting Game6
Chapter 105: Preparations for the Hunt7
Chapter 106: The Hunt Begins7
Chapter 107: To Rescue a King7
Chapter 108: The High King Recovers7
Chapter 109: Before the Tomb of Finwë7
Chapter 110: What the Storm Revealed5
Chapter 111: Confrontation4
Chapter 112: The High King Returns5
Chapter 113: Gathering Storm7
Chapter 114: A Collision of Fates11
Chapter 115: Ingwion Furioso10
Chapter 116: The Hunt for Ingwion7
Chapter 117: Aftermath7
Chapter 118: Making Arrangements8
Chapter 119: Return to Vanyamar10
Chapter 120: The Trouble with Princes8
Chapter 121: Funeral for a Prince10
Chapter 122: Preparations for a Trial7
Chapter 123: The Trial Commences13
Chapter 124: The High King’s Justice10
Chapter 125: Picking Up the Pieces11
Chapter 126: Moonrise8
Chapter 127: Return to Tirion7
Chapter 128: The Noldóran Restored12
Chapter 129: Epilogue: A New Age Begins14
Chapter 130: Character List1

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