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Drabbles  by Lindelea
Drabble, by definition, a story told in exactly 100 words, plus an optional title of 15 words or less. Quite a challenge. New story added: For Bodkin’s birthday: A snippet from a longer story in the works; a son of Elrond encounters Ferdibrand Took in the gardens at Rivendell.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: "And get my pipe out of my pack, if it isn't broken."4
Chapter  2: Questions5
Chapter  3: I See the Moon and the Moon Sees Me8
Chapter  4: The Moon Sees Somebody I'd Like to See5
Chapter  5: The Silent Street4
Chapter  6: Fireside Chats4
Chapter  7: Dernhelm's Ride5
Chapter  8: A Drabble for Dana3
Chapter  9: At the Witch King's Feet4
Chapter 10: Happy Birthday, Bilbo and Frodo!3
Chapter 11: Before the Call to Muster5
Chapter 12: Tales of Old Wives (three drabbles)4
Chapter 13: March 25 SR 1419 (Rosie Cotton)5
Chapter 14: Happy Birthday, RSF! (obviously heavily borrowed, but still sincere)2
Chapter 15: Heat2
Chapter 16: Where the Sky Kisses the Horizon, There My Dreams Lie3
Chapter 17: Belated Birthday at Crickhollow3
Chapter 18: Petals on the Wind2
Chapter 19: The Battle of Bywater3
Chapter 20: Remembrance Day6
Chapter 21: October the Third7
Chapter 22: October the Sixth7
Chapter 23: The Battle of Bywater, afterwords8
Chapter 24: Laying Plans7
Chapter 25: Short Cuts Make for Long Delays7
Chapter 26: Respite9
Chapter 27: Sam and the Baker's Dozen8
Chapter 28: Up on the Housetop7
Chapter 29: On the Slopes of Mount Doom7
Chapter 30: The Return (inspired by Pervinca's Gift)7
Chapter 31: Laughing Layabouts4
Chapter 32: A Moot Point2
Chapter 33: Topsy-Turvy4
Chapter 34: Farewell by Starlight2
Chapter 35: I see hobbits everywhere, you know4
Chapter 36: Curtains for Frodo3
Chapter 37: ...and the sound of a battered heart, beating7
Chapter 38: Vigil4
Chapter 39: Another Journey South6
Chapter 40: I will take the Ring, though I do not know the way.3
Chapter 41: Gathering and Sharing2
Chapter 42: Swiftly fly the passing days4
Chapter 43: There at Pelagir lay the main fleet of Umbar3
Chapter 43: Seeds of friendship sown2
Chapter 44: Claiming the Prize2
Chapter 45: The Siege of Gondor3
Chapter 46: Love's First Kiss1
Chapter 47: I'd like to introduce you to an old friend of mine... (double drabble)3
Chapter 48: Love Lessons1
Chapter 49: Eleni sílar antalyannar!3

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