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Drabbles  by Lindelea

A Drabble for Dana

'What is it, my love?' Eglantine said fondly.

Pippin deposited a bulky parcel in her lap. 'Can you tie the bow?' he piped.

'Certainly, dear ...a birthday present? For me?' she asked, fingers swiftly completing the task.

'No, for my bestest friend, next to Merry,' he grinned.

'And who would that be?' Eglantine smiled.

'Well, it's her birthday, but her folk do things different,' Pippin said. 'So I'll give her a present today, and she'll give me one on my birthday.'

'Ah, I know who!' his mother chuckled.

Mother and son turn to the screen to say, 'Happy Birthday, Dana!'

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