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The Queen's Orc  by jodancingtree
He was the Ring-bearer's orc, bound to him by solemn blood-pact, and he wore the Queen's Jewel. That was all Aragorn knew of him, until he appeared in Minas Tirith, seeking the Lady whose jewel he wore...
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: A Different Point of View4
Chapter  1: Insomnia3
Chapter  2: Under Cover of Darkness1
Chapter  3: Dangers4
Chapter  4: The Elf-queen5
Chapter  5: In the Dungeons of Gondor4
Chapter  6: The King and the Orc2
Chapter  7: The King's Judgment2
Chapter  8: The Dark Hours3
Chapter  9: The Children of Elrond2
Chapter 10: An Orc In the Palace1
Chapter 11: The Doom of the First-born2
Chapter 12: Those Who Are Called6
Chapter 13: The Queen's Company1
Chapter 14: The Silent Street2
Chapter 16: The Age of the Dominion of Men2
Chapter 17: Shadows on the Moon3
Chapter 18: The Road to Lothlorien2
Chapter 19: The Danger Unprepared For1
Chapter 20: In the Twilight3
Chapter 21: Waking3
Chapter 22: The Fading of Lothlorien2
Chapter 23: The Passing of Arwen3
Chapter 24: The Last Farewell4
Chapter 25: The Strange Alliance8
Chapter 26: Truth Under Darkness6
Chapter 27: Friends6
Chapter 28: The Elves of Eryn Lasgalen8
Chapter 29: Pride8
Chapter 30: The Weight of a Promise7
Chapter 31: Encounters in Rivendell6
Chapter 32: Morning and Night5
Chapter 33: Recompense8
Chapter 34: Uncertainty4
Chapter 35: The Freedom of the Road6
Chapter 36: Out of Legend4
Chapter 37: A Gate Across the Road3
Chapter 38: The House of a Hundred Windows6
Chapter 39: Blowing the Horn of the Mark2
Chapter 40: The Road Diverges1
Chapter 41: Frodo's Country13

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