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The Queen's Orc  by jodancingtree 3 Review(s)
Breon BriarwoodReviewed Chapter: 37 on 11/7/2004
Yay! They're almost there! Just wondering though what Arwen wrote in the letter. (and glad Radagast is going to leave Malawen alone now.) :D

Author Reply: Ah yes, Arwen... I think she was counting on the fact that Canohando couldn't read what she had written...


esamenReviewed Chapter: 37 on 11/7/2004
Hello, hello! I was so excited to see your new chapter!

I have to say that this is an incredible piece of work. It's like seeing the whole story from a different angle . . . and then suddenly there will be a similarity to the original story:

"Two whole hours without food? It's a wonder you're not fainting by the side of the road, my lad!" Darak regarded the hobbit with amused exasperation.

That's something that Strider himself would have said, or Gimli, or Gandalf. Beautifully done! And I love Farador's name, and his resemblance to our hero. Seeing the Shire through Canahando's eyes is going to be a real treat. Looking forward to it!

Happy typing,


Author Reply: Thank you, Esamen! Oh, I'm glad you think Strider would've said that - I did want to catch an echo of the old Rangers who guarded the Shire for so many years!


daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 37 on 11/7/2004
I liked Radagast's use of a bird messenger. And the soldier of Gondor is nicely done. He's cautious but respectful.

I also like the idea that this little group is as mixed as the Fellowship was.

Author Reply: Thanks, Daw! Yes, I figured that Eldarion would have sent word to warn the Shire's guards that an Orc was on the way - an odd twist, that Canohando would be admitted, but someone needs to vouch for Radagast and the Elf!


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