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The Queen's Orc  by jodancingtree 6 Review(s)
Reviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/15/2004

Go on, then," he said, and lay quiet listening to her soft voice, trying to sift out the overlay of legend from the tale and find the nuggets of plain fact. I would have despised him as soft, if I had known him from the first, he thought. But long before Malawen's voice faded away, Canohando was pierced to the marrow as he understood at last what Frodo had taken on himself. He had known the end of the story; he had not known the beginning.

Ah yes . . . there's the echo of our hero again.

Elfling," he whispered. "My little Elfling."

I am just astounded at this story. You make it seem so easy to believe! It is rich and wonderful. Thanks . . . will there be perhaps one orc who goes into the West? I guess that anything is possible . . .

Author Reply: Thank you for your review - and sorry to be so slow in responding to it.

"...there's the echo of our hero again."

Yes, Frodo kind of lingers in the background of this story, as he is always somewhere in the back of Canohando's mind. The afterglow of a life well lived, in the memory of those who knew him.

And an orc who goes into the West? That would fulfill Canohando's wildest dream, wouldn't it - and if ever an orc could deserve it...


FantasyFaNReviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/15/2004
I wonder why, when we are faced with beauty and truth, that so often our first impulse is to compare ourselves to the lofty standard and judge ourselves wanting. Canohando knows what Frodo was really like, and that he was as imperfect and maimed as he was noble and beautiful. Yet he doesn't see the noble and beautiful in himself, only the imperfections and ugliness that is a part of everyone, to one degree or another. And he has come so far, and changed so much, but even more than that: there has to be good and nobility even in being an Orc, just as he is. If there wasn't that potential there, he never could have turned from cruelty and darkness no matter what example had been set before him. I hope he sees something good in himself soon, in his strength that can be protective, and his fierceness that can be passion for a good cause, and even his pain, that can heal the pain of others.

Looking forward to the next chapter, as always.

Author Reply: "...there has to be good and nobility even in being an Orc... if there wasn't that potential there, he never could have turned from cruelty and darkness no matter what example had been set before him."

Very true. And Radagast set the stage for everything that followed, by his friendliness and kindness in the very beginning, before the orcs had done anything to deserve it. Come think of it, Radagast sort of reminds me of the Dalai Lama.

Sorry to be so slow in answering you, Fantast Fan, and I so much appreciate your insightful reviews! This is turning into a hectic month.


daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/15/2004
I suppose she's right that they're both "orc marked" in a way. Their visions of one another seem good to me. They will each become at least part of what the other one sees.

Author Reply: "They will each become at least part of what the other one sees."

You're exactly right - they are like mirrors for each other, in a way. As they can accept the "orkishness" in each other, they begin to come to terms with it in themselves.

Thanks for reviewing, Daw. I'm sorry to be so slow in answering. We're on vacation and my dh keeps dragging me away from the computer to go to the movies and such. (Grumble, grumble? Not much! :-)


Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/15/2004
Aww, this friendship is so sweet - even when he is slaying wolves for her. Much angst ahead though I warrent. Goody.

Author Reply: LOL! Stay tuned for angst...


Meldewen IlceReviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/15/2004
Wow - oh Jo - this story just gets better and better with every chapter!

Oh dear Canohando - I wish he could stop thinking he is the most wretched creature to walk Arda - and dear Malawen, I desperately want to see her find some healing...

It's strange but I think perhaps they're both beginning to let go some of their grief and pain and wounds when they're with each other...

And I still wonder what Arwen saw for Canohando in the woods of Rivendell -- something good I hope and trust -- for Malawen as well...

Author Reply: I think Malawen is finding healing with Canohando, little by little. You're right - they are comfort for each other.

Sorry it's taken me such an age to answer you - this is one hectic month.


Breon BriarwoodReviewed Chapter: 26 on 7/14/2004
Whew, for a second I thought he was going to leave her alone out there. Sad to see her frightened, but glad to see him come to his senses. And the ending - comfort, friendship, protectiveness? I see things beginning to bloom!
*singing* 'love is in the air.....' :D

Author Reply: Sorry to be so late responding to this - but thank you for the review! No, he couldn't leave her, however agitated in spirit he might be. Stay tuned...


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