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The Queen's Orc  by jodancingtree 8 Review(s)
Eirinn LeighReviewed Chapter: 33 on 4/17/2016
It grieves me that a dwarf and an orc are given leave to cross the sea but not the Ringbearer himself. And I must confess I do not understand your reasoning behind such a decision. If Frodo was not worthy to cross to the undying lands what makes Gimli or Canohando more worthy?

CalimeReviewed Chapter: 33 on 1/21/2005
I knew it! Canohando can sail. But we have way too many chapters to go for it to be so simple as that. And then there is the Shire. *sigh*

esamenReviewed Chapter: 33 on 9/13/2004
Oh, Jo -- I was thinking about this story . . . you are weaving quite a parable here, I think? Sorry I've been so slow to catch on. Kind of like the hypocritical Pharisees and the repentant sinners, and who gets to go to heaven in the end?

No wonder I love it so much. The desire of my heart. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author Reply: lol! You know, I hadn't really thought of it that way, though I can see it when you mention it. Of course, Valinor isn't heaven, exactly. But I think it's interesting that Itaril, who really didn't deserve to sail, also didn't *want* to! And Canohando, who wants it so passionately, is given the chance.
And (leaping off the cliff into the wildest speculative theology) wouldn't it be odd, if the "external" conditions of heaven and hell were actually the same, and what the blessed experience as glorious light and joy, was felt by those with evil hearts as blazing fire? If true reality is love - and a person has chosen hatred all his life - what will it mean to him, to be forced to confront reality?

(reining myself in) Ahem. I'm so glad you love the story, Esamen!


KathiraReviewed Chapter: 33 on 9/13/2004
I love this story so much (and all your work). My taste in fan fiction is pretty narrow - if Aragorn isn't in it, I'm generally not interested, but you are such a great writer, you have really made me care about these characters. I'm torn now, in a way, I would like to see Canohando and Malawen go to the West and live in bliss forever, but on the other hand, I could see them living happily in Middle Earth also, making those babies that Canohando has been wanting. A greater gift for them might be the gift of mortality, to live out their lives together, to see their children and grandchildren born and to finally pass together beyond the circles of the world. There Frodo and Arwen and so many others would be waiting for them... A tough choice, but I'm sure you will work it out for the best.

Author Reply: Thank you, Kathira! That really makes me very happy, that you've gotten to care about these characters even though Aragorn has passed out of the story!

You're right, I find myself torn as well, what would be the happiest outcome for them. Altho' - Valinor is not heaven; I wonder if they couldn't have those babies there! ButI don't think mortality is a choice that's open to them: unlike Arwen, neither of them is half-mortal. My understanding is that Elves who remain permanently in Middle Earth dwindle into a hidden, rustic people, who no longer play a part in the affairs of the world... if leprechauns were real, perhaps something like that. And Canohando's original ancestry is Elf, of course, much degenerated by Morgoth and Sauron. So whether in Valinor or Middle Earth, I would expect them both to live until the dissolution of Arda.


Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 33 on 9/12/2004
Oh, so his redemption is quite complete and yet the mercy of the elves is wasted on him, he will not go until she goes, and that, to all intents, is never. Twisty twisty plotting - just wonderful.

Where is that OFic Jo, I'm waiting.

Author Reply: But then it isn't really the mercy of the Elves, is it? The mercy of the Valar, more like - and mercy is never wasted. But I will plead guilty to twisty-ness...

By now you should have the OFic, and I'm be on pins and needles to hear what you think of it. Not a feel-good story like Queen's Orc, I'm afraid.


esamenReviewed Chapter: 33 on 9/12/2004
Canohando's head jerked up, his eyes wide with shock, and Celeborn smiled. "I shall sail at summer's end. Radagast will be of the company, and I suppose most of the Elves now gathered at Rivendell. You may both come with us, if that is your desire."

Oh, my gosh. You have really surprised me here. I suppose I should have guessed . . . I could NOT figure out how you were going to end this story! I couldn't really see Canohando taking tea with the hobbits in the Shire, but what else could happen!

This is just fantastic. I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve before the whole thing's over. Hurry, hurry! Thanks for writing!

Author Reply: LOL! Well, the Orc will drink tea if it's offered - he drank plenty with Radagast and Frodo, in Mordor - but I'm not sure the hobbits would invite him in.

I'm so glad you like this!


TieAillin AlcarionReviewed Chapter: 33 on 9/11/2004
Oh, JO! This is just amazing! Malawen really needs her heart cleansed at this point--oh, she just can't be left behind, and neither can he...please, take them both...and perhaps he'll be healed in body as well?

I don't know if I can take this...but there is always hope. :-)

Author Reply: Yes, there's always hope! Of all Tolkien's themes, maybe the most pervasive.


daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 33 on 9/11/2004
Oh my. I should be happy for Canohando, but I am worried about Malawen.

Canohando is indeed becoming more like Frodo. Were you aiming for baptism imagery? It's what I thought of. As if Canohando is born again. But poor Malawen! She's been hurt so that she can't seem to trust enough to drop her fierceness.

Author Reply: It's funny, you know - it just seemed like what Celeborn would do, to pour some of the water from the fountain over Canohando's head; it seemed right. And after I had written it, I thought of the baptism analogy. Maybe it makes symbolic sense - that the Orc is "baptized" in the "tears" of one of the great Elven leaders, before he is given passage to the West...


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