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The Queen's Orc  by jodancingtree 4 Review(s)
daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 34 on 9/15/2004
This is so poetic and so terribly sad. "Love was her protection." I still can hardly bear to read about the baby.

Author Reply: Thank you, Daw.

At least now - too late - Malawen can own that unwanted child as her baby, because she sees Canohando in him. But to be an Orc raised by Elves who hate him as a monster - that might be even worse that growing up among his own kind, and I hate to think what he might have become.


FantasyFanReviewed Chapter: 34 on 9/15/2004
I was afraid of exactly this happening. Many times during Canohando's slow redemption I thought, perhaps Valinor will be opened for one redeemed orc. But then, I kept reminding myself that this was a universe where even Frodo was denied passage to the west, and I thought it could not be possible here. But it is, and she is not ready to go yet. I think Canohando is exactly right that without him the Darkness may take her, and without her he will always regret. I hope that there will be time, before Celeborn sails, for them to come to some resolution. It would be sad if Canohando gives up this last great celebration of his victory.

Author Reply: "It would be sad if Canohando gives up this last great celebration of his victory."

Yes, it would. I think it's a question of how fast can Malawen cast off (not out, for it is not within her) her own Shadow. He will sacrifice his great desire for love; can she sacrifice her shame and self-reproach in order to go with him?

Canohando found strength for his healing in Frodo. Is there any of that healing power resident in the Shire itself?



Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 34 on 9/15/2004
Oh, what a bind, so much easier to be mortal and have all our choices made for us. More lovely writing, but hie you to your pen and finish that other story as well, Jo. You are most, most talented.

Author Reply: Thank you, Rose! You liked that other story? It wasn't too depressing?


esamenReviewed Chapter: 34 on 9/14/2004
"We will be together, though we wander homeless for a thousand years."

Oh . . . sob . . . surely not . . . a handkerchief, quick! My darling Canohando, being so strong and true!

I am crying over an ORC!!!!????

Wow. Just, wow.

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