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The Queen's Orc  by jodancingtree 4 Review(s)
CalimeReviewed Chapter: 24 on 1/19/2005
Elladan was a surprise tear-jerker in this chapter. There seems to be so much left untold in his story. If we don't see him again, you might consider revealing this elf of mystery to us in another piece. Even so, it adds depth to this story to have hints of things beyond our knowledge.

Author Reply: ..."it adds depth to this story to have hints of things beyond our knowledge."

Well, that is a technique borrowed from Tolkien, for sure! I really had never thought of writing more about Elladan - I don't see myself as an Elf writer, though in this story I couldn't avoid it. But thanks for the encouragement!


finafyrReviewed Chapter: 24 on 6/20/2004
You know that I love this story.. I have written so before.. and there is a pain in my heart from our dear orc.. is seems to me that those in valinor know of him.. and they know of the orgin of orcs.. could not they bid our orc to come home across the sea..

for the truth and reality cannot be hidden by the shell that lies on the outside. but the true measure that lays in the heart and soul is seen for all the eyes that can see the truth..

Author Reply: I'm so glad you love it, Finafyr!

I'm not sure to what extent the Valar are aware of what is passing in Middle Earth (didn't Earendil the Mariner have to physically sail to Valinor to beg their help against Sauron?) But surely Iluvatar is aware of Canohando, and that is why the Orc was sent to Arwen, a protector for her and a comfort to Aragorn, that he did not leave her unguarded... but also for Canohando's own sake, so that under Arwen's influence he could begin to reclaim what he was meant to be, what all the Orcs were originally meant to be.

Canohando longs for Valinor, but he is not really weary of Middle Earth yet: he is still stretching and growing. I'm not sure what lies ahead for him, but his story isn't finished yet. And yes, the reality of this Orc is becoming ever more apparent, for eyes that can see the truth...


daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 24 on 6/19/2004
I have to say this is one of the saddest stories I've read in fanfic. You really bring home the loss of everyone here.

Author Reply: Hi again, Daw --
I do so much appreciate your comments! And I really didn't set out to write such a sad story. But its very nature is melancholy, the passing of the last vestiges of the Third Age, with Aragorn and Arwen dying and the Elves departing...

In spite of the chapter title, however, the story isn't over. The Elves look back, and go over the Sea, but Canohando is looking forward and heading for the Shire. I hope it will be a bit less angsty in the end.


Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 24 on 6/19/2004
Oh bother, how I wish he had someone to travel with even though I know he can look after himself. What a change in the elves and Elladan, that they should worry about him, and his men, they will miss him and be unable to explain to anyone who did not know him why that is so.
Such a clever story, such clever writing. I am, and remain, in awe.

Author Reply: Oh Rose, I hadn't thought of that, and you're so right! How will they explain to their grandchildren that there was one Orc who was noble-hearted and loyal, worthy of command and even of friendship? To anyone who didn't know Canohando, it will be incredible.
But in spite of that last chapter title, the story isn't over yet...


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