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Mind to Mind  by shirebound
Frodo begins sensing the thoughts of the bearers of the three Elven rings. When an accident injures Pippin and Elladan, and traps Frodo and Merry with Saruman and Gríma, will this new ability help or hurt? AU post-quest story, also starring Elrohir, Elrond, Celeborn, Gandalf, Sam, and Galadriel.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Three22
Chapter  2: Stormclouds15
Chapter  3: Unexpected Meetings14
Chapter  4: Vision of a New Age16
Chapter  5: Dreams of Starlight18
Chapter  6: Strength and Uncertainty17
Chapter  7: Questions and Answers17
Chapter  8: Choices15
Chapter  9: Knowledge of the Heart19
Chapter 10: Even the Wise Cannot See All Ends19
Chapter 11: Looking Ahead20

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