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Runaway  by Lindelea
Faramir Took comes to terms with being the son of the Thain. Co-author: Jodancingtree
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Hunter and the Hunted2
Chapter  2: In for a Penny2
Chapter  3: The Name of the Game1
Chapter  4: The Game of the Name1
Chapter  5: Truth, Half-Truth, and Outright Evasion2
Chapter  6: Musings in the Dark before Dawn2
Chapter  7: Just an Ordinary Morn3
Chapter  8: More of the Same1
Chapter  9: Rising Suspicion2
Chapter 10: Worries and Alarms2
Chapter 11: Fat's in the Fire2
Chapter 12: Mixed Messages2
Chapter 13: Facts and Fabrications2
Chapter 14: Circumstantial Evidence2
Chapter 15: A Way of Escape3
Chapter 16: Foregone Conclusion1
Chapter 17: Some Thoughts on Child Rearing3
Chapter 18: Table Talk1
Chapter 19: Crime and Punishment4
Chapter 20: Sifting Truth from Error2
Chapter 21: Facing Facts3
Chapter 22: Debt2
Chapter 23: Restitution4
Chapter 24: Truth, and Trust3
Chapter 25: Reparations2
Chapter 26: To Squelch a Rumour2
Chapter 27: Not All the Talk...3
Chapter 28: Bound and Determined1
Chapter 29: Resolution2
Chapter 30: Arrival3
Chapter 31: From One Heart to Another4
Chapter 32: Conversations at Table4
Chapter 33: Refining Fire2
Chapter 34: Starting Fresh1
Chapter 35: Whispers2

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