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Stars May Collide  by Rose Gamgee
A sickly young girl from Long Cleeve doesn't seem like a suitable match for the son of the Thain - but Peregrin Took is no stranger to disobedience, and he and Diamond will do anything to stay together.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: A Harmless Trip to Long Cleeve0
Chapter  2: The Quiet Lass0
Chapter  3: Stolen Glances1
Chapter  4: A Fresh Start4
Chapter  5: Talk of Sketches and Song1
Chapter  6: Drawing Letters4
Chapter  7: From Afar6
Chapter  8: Confessions8
Chapter  9: Realizations5
Chapter 10: Love Letters in the Gondorian Style7
Chapter 11: Miscreants10
Chapter 12: Lovesick Tweenagers9
Chapter 13: Dusk to Dawn7
Chapter 14: Of Cousins and Kings6
Chapter 15: Gifts10
Chapter 16: Anxiety11
Chapter 17: Birthday Wishes11
Chapter 18: Rainy Weather8
Chapter 19: Take Courage, Lover15
Chapter 20: Under the Hill, Under the Stars15

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