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If You Could See What I Hear  by cathleen
Young Pippin finds adventure with his new friend, a knitted piglet named Tulip, and makes other acquaintances along the way when he becomes lost in the woods. Chapter one written for MG's Challenge 41. Chapter One Beta, Marigold and Llinos. Subsequent chapters, Beta by Dreamflower. A special 'Thank You' to Pearl Took for suggestions regarding the "Took Faerie Blood". A 2008 First Place MEFA winner!
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Tulip3
Chapter  2: A Wee Adventure4
Chapter  3: A Faerie Song6
Chapter  4: Rhoswen5
Chapter  5: Alfie6
Chapter  6: A Faerie's Garden5
Chapter  7: Along a Path of Light5
Chapter  8: Walking Between Worlds4
Chapter  9: A Seeker's Journey4
Chapter 10: Silver Window, Flowing Fate5
Chapter 11: The Song of the Morning Birds5
Chapter Epilogue: Come Yesterday4
Chapter Author's Notes: Author's Notes4

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