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If You Could See What I Hear  by cathleen

A/N: This tale has taken me a whole year to create, and it’s been a true labor of love. I have learned many fascinating details about the myths of the Celtic Otherworld and the faerie faith. Again, I wish to thank Dreamflower for beta reading, Pearl Took for reading and commenting and sharing thoughts and ideas regarding the Took faerie blood, and both of these ladies as well as Larner, for allowing me to use their OC’s for some of the search party scenes. Thank you to Minniemoggie for naming the river, Cenedril o’galad, and to the ladies from our Groups: Ink, Rhysylle, and Lilyhawker, who replied to my plea to help me come up with the name for the river! Additionally, my thanks to Marigold’s Tale Challenges, where the first chapter of this story appeared using an assigned prompt, “How far have we walked, do you think?” as well as Marigold and Llinos’s beta of the first chapter. Although I mistakenly used the prompt in the middle of the story rather than the beginning, it still fit perfectly into Pippin and Tulip’s adventure!

A special note regarding Pippin’s age. I have utilized Dreamflower’s “Hobbit Age Chart” and in my story Pippin is said to be ten years old. Therefore, the equivalent in “man years” makes him approximately six and a half years old.

And a huge thank you goes to the readers who have followed my story all the way through and left many generous and much appreciated comments along the way. Your support helped keep this story flowing, and I thank you again!

Glossary of Terms

Alfie: Feminine Form of Alfred, meaning “Elf Counsellor”

Celeb henneth n’ atpaluin: Silver Window on Another World

Cenedril: Mirror

Cenedril o’galad: Mirror of Glittering Reflection

Dair: Gaelic word for Oak

Daoine Sidhe: Keepers of the Otherworld

Dha Shealladh: The Celtic Second Sight

Duin: River

Sidhe or Sidh: Faerie Mounds or Hills, also the people of the Faerie Mounds. The Otherworld, the Invisible Race

Dha Shealladh: The Celtic Second Sight

Eolande: Celtic/Gaelic word meaning “Violet Flower”

Ealdhun: Norse word meaning “From the Elves’ valley”

Glas: Gaelic word meaning “Green”

Liannan Shi’th: Beloved One of the Faerie mounds, a Faerie who took a mortal lover

Mi na Bealtaine: Modern Celtic word for Beltane, the First Day of May

Namárië: Elven word meaning Farewell or Goodbye

Rhoswen: Gaelic, meaning “White Rose”

Si’og: the descendants of the Tuatha

Sirith Amarth: Flowing Fate

Si’th: Celtic word for Hills, Mounds

Tuatha: Common Folk, Crafters, Farmers, lovers of the land and of nature

Tuatha de Danann: Legendary race, the forerunners of the Celtic civilization who became the Daoine Sidhe, the Faeries or Fey Folk

Thrimidge: Hobbit word meaning the month of May

Borrowed OC’s

Dreamflower:       Sparrow Tunnelly, Chico Chubb, Gil Chubb

Pearl Took:        Tolley Took

Larner:            Malco Chubb, Dremma Chubb

A/N: All other Oc’s created by the author.


















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