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If You Could See What I Hear  by cathleen 60 Review(s)
Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 6/26/2008
Well, I have followed this through till the end, though, sadly, not leaving many reviews (forgive me).

My favorite line was Tulip's - that naps don't count. I loved the finding of the slingshot in the cave; I loved Oak, and so many other things.

I did enjoy it thoroughly. Very well written, a lot of fun, with enough anxious moments, and a good ending.

Thanks for sharing this.

Author Reply: I'm extrememly pleased to hear that you enjoyed my tale, and kept reading it right up until the end. Any and all FB, freely given, is, and always will be gratefully received. Thank you so much!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 6/12/2008
Thank you again for this wonderful story!

It was a good idea to list all the words again, for I had no idea that they were in Celtic AND Gaelic (and Elvish). Those two languages are fascinating, although I sometimes have no clue how to pronounce those words ;-)

I'm always eager to read new "Tulip" stories, and I'm looking forward to more!

Author Reply: Andrea, I very much appreciate your constant support through the creation of my tale! I'm so pleased you've enjoyed it and that you also like my wee Tulip! I really should post a pronunciation guide because those Gaelic words are not pronounced anything like they're spelled, lol.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 6/11/2008
Always interesting to see how some tales come to be! Thanks so much for the glimpse into your imagination's processes.

Author Reply: Thank *you* for continuing to read and comment!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 6/11/2008
The brief look at the terrors and frustrations--and reassurances--known during the Time of Troubles is well done. And then at last Pippin is at home once more, and all rejoice that this is so. A most apt ending, and a joy to realized that Pippin actually met Eolande.

Author Reply: Yes, I thought he should have the opportunity to meet Eolande. As ever, Larner, thank you so very much for all your generous comments! They have really meant a great deal to me.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 6/11/2008
It was a total privilege to help you in any way I could. I love the story and hope it does well at the MEFAs :-)

Author Reply: Pearl, your reading and commenting was so very valuable to me as well. It's amazing what more than one set of eyes can see in the same story and I appreciate you helping me!! I hope it does well at mefa too. I worked really hard on it.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 6/11/2008
Wonderful!! This was indeed the perfect ending, Cathleen :-) I love the understanding between Paladin and Pippin. I love how they were each comforted by their gift.



Author Reply: Thanks Pearl! It was a real challenge at times and I'm very glad it all came together at last, and that you liked it!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: Epilogue on 6/11/2008
What a beautiful ending to a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us, Cathleen.

Author Reply: Thank you Shirebound, I'm so very pleased to know you enjoyed it!!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 999999 on 6/11/2008
Congratulations on finishing this! You've worked really hard, and have created a credible backdrop for your ideas!


Author Reply: Thanks so much, Barbara, and thank *you* for all your wonderful beta assistance! Your help and encouragement means a lot to me!!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 11 on 6/5/2008
Wonderful reunion!

Well, as someone pointed out before I think that Frodo might suspect something.

Most of the other hobbits believe Paladin's explanation that Pippin has just a vivid imagination.

But what about Esme? Like her brother she is gifted with "The Sight". Does she know that Paladin is lying?

I am still fascinated by that stone and I would love to read more about it.

P.S.: Happy belated birthday :)

Author Reply: Hi Andrea! Yes, Frodo is very astute so I'm sure he suspects there is more to the picture. I think Esmie know her brother well enough to leave it alone. Heh, I like to think of a "lie of omission" is really a different kind of falsehood in a case like this!

Thanks for your lovely comments and I hope you enjoy the upcoming epilogue as much!

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 11 on 6/5/2008


"He couldn’t help being curious when Pippin had said very little about the whole experience and then appeared to be forgetting it altogether. He couldn’t say that made him unhappy."

It is a wonder how children seem to do that. You think they've forgotten, but then haven't.

"He supposed he would know the rest when the time came. The spirit of the oak had said it was so, and he had no reason not to believe in those words. What task of such grave importance did his son have to meet in his future?"

It is so hard for us adults to wait, hehehe, we know how time flits by.

Just wonderful Cathleen!!

Author Reply: Thank you Pearl! I'm so glad to hear you liked it. Yes, the mind of a child is an extraordinary thing, isn't it?

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