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Answering Machines of Middle-earth  by Lindelea
AU. Very definitely. If there were answering machines in Middle-earth, what kinds of messages would they hold? Let us listen in... (originally published in an LOTR email list in January 2003)
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: At the Sign of the Green Dragon5
Chapter  2: At the Tower of Orthanc, Part 11
Chapter  3: At the Tower of Orthanc, Part 21
Chapter  4: At the Tower of Barad-Dur3
Chapter  5: The Palantir in the White City3
Chapter  6: Rivendell2
Chapter  7: Lothlorien2
Chapter  8: In the House of Tom Bombadil2
Chapter  9: In the Golden Hall2
Chapter 10: Stupid LOTR phone trick (suitable for sleepovers)2
Chapter 11: In the Halls of the Elven King4
Chapter 12: The Dark Tower, F.A.12

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