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Shadow and Thought  by Linda Hoyland
Despite being happily married to Arwen and King of Gondor, Aragorn is lonely and despondent at Faramir's shyness and Éowyn's obvious and perplexing hatred. Determined to get to know them better,he invites them to a remote hunting lodge, oblivious of the dangers awaiting which could cost him his life. Rated for violence,torture and mild sexual content(between a married couple) Fully revised and rewritten. Now complete
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Strained Relations4
Chapter  1: An Invitation from the King3
Chapter  2: Comfort and Conversation2
Chapter  3: Greater Love2
Chapter  4: Painful Experiences4
Chapter  5: Cold Comfort3
Chapter  6: Three's Company.4
Chapter  7: When a raging fever burns2
Chapter  8: A Growing Bond2
Chapter  9: Why I could take his sword here4
Chapter 10: Healing and Reconciliation3
Chapter 11: The Hands of the King3
Chapter 12: A long overdue wedding night3
Chapter 13: A Knife in the Dark3
Chapter 14: Transparency4
Chapter 15: Kick up the fire, and let the flames break loose3
Chapter 16: What dreams may come8
Chapter 17: What child is this?6
Chapter 18: Homecoming4
Chapter 19: Mud,Mud,Glorious Mud !6
Chapter Epilogue 2: A Happy New Year4

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