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Gandalfs apprentice

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Biography:   My stories are about Aragorn (strictly bookverse, but not always canon). I'm an old-time Tolkien fan from the 1960s.

Please leave me a review! My stories that do not meet SoA requirements, like "The Sword of Elendil," can be found at HASA.

Food for thought:

"Purists might wish for a corpus with fewer contradictions, a canon less amorphous - one that allows them to declare, without equivocation, 'Thus saith Tolkien.' Yet, perhaps the good professor did not intend it to be so....the mythologies of our ancestors are not received in tidy, set form. They are based on oral traditions that took on new flavor as they passed from bard to bard, hamlet to hamlet. Over time, stories changed to reflect the needs and challenges of their tellers. Tolkien knew this; perhaps his greatest gift to us lies in all those unfinished manuscripts, for what we have is a fictional legendry that truly resembles the myths of the real world. And perhaps the greatest tribute to his work is the humble fan's attempt to add her vision to that legendry, for by her efforts, Tolkien's dream of an enduring mythology proves not so fanciful after all."

--erunyauve (erunyauve at, 2004

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Story Favorites
bullet To See A World by Nightwing Last Updated: 2/19/2017
Injured and alone, Legolas and Aragorn are forced to seek refuge in a wintry foreign land. But when darkness encroaches from within and without, they learn that refuge can become a deadly trap. Pre-LOTR.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 53 Published: 9/2/2003
bullet The King's Commission by Larner Last Updated: 2/10/2008
The King Elessar desires to have a memorial made for the four Pheriannath whose aid helped to win the War of the Ring and led to the destruction of the Ring and Sauron. But as the Pherian Frodo has left Middle Earth, how is it to be done? And then he sees a remarkable statue in the market town of Casistir.... Being edited, and forgotten chapter has been added. Rated for discrete discussion of incest and pedophilia and character deaths.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 81 Published: 12/5/2004
bullet Arwen's Heart by Bodkin Last Updated: 1/25/2006
What was Arwen doing as Estel grew up in Imladris? Did she - or her family - have any suspicions about what would happen? How did she deal with her fate?
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 15 Published: 4/3/2005
bullet Don't Panic! by Boz4PM Last Updated: 12/12/2005
Penny is panicking. Where is she? How did she get here? How is she going to get home and whose backside will she kick first when she does?

A woman lost in Middle Earth wearing only her pyjamas. This can't be good...

[Please note: this story is NOT a Mary-Sue and was posted here at the request of the site owner.
Warning: STRONG language (hence the rating) but only on occasion in the first couple of chapters.]

Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 27 Published: 12/4/2005
bullet Doomed to Live by fliewatuet Last Updated: 5/14/2005
AU: Boromir lives, but Aragorn is captured along with Merry and Pippin at Parth Galen. For some, life becomes worse than death. No slash, no Mary-Sue. Rated R for violence. Update: Chapter 11, Interrogations I.
Rating: R Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 11 Published: 8/28/2003
bullet In the Deep Places by Lamiel Last Updated: 2/25/2005
Legolas and Gimli set the foundations for friendship in Moria and Lothlorien. Story complete.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 17 Published: 10/17/2004
bullet The King's Justice by maya_ar Last Updated: 7/14/2004
Faramir finally learns the full story of Denethor's passing, and must come to terms with the price paid by other people for his life. This is set just before Elessar's coronation.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 4 Published: 7/14/2004
bullet The Rise Of The House Of Telcontar by French Pony Last Updated: 3/30/2004
As King and Queen of Gondor, Aragorn and Arwen face the trials and challenges of creating a family and establishing a kingdom with international clout.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 10 Published: 1/27/2004
bullet The Last Grey Ship by ErinRua Last Updated: 2/16/2004
The voice of the Sea merely whispers, until the reasons to stay pass on. Aragorn's days are ending, and Gimli faces more farewells as Legolas looks to the West. How the story may have ended. Book-based.
* 2005 One Ring Awards: Best Fan Fiction * 2004 MEFAs: 1st Place post WOTR Drama, Turin Turambar Award * 2003 Mithril Awards Commended : Best Fourth Age and Beyond * 2003 My Precious Awards Nominee
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 3 Published: 2/16/2004
bullet The Exercise of Vital Powers by Soledad Last Updated: 2/2/2004
Why had Captain Thorongil to leave Minas Tirith right after his spectacular victory against the Corsairs of Umbar? This is one possible answer.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 2 Published: 1/20/2004
bullet Betrothal by Windfola Last Updated: 11/3/2003
This tale relates the circumstances surrounding the betrothal of Aragorn and Arwen, and some of its consequences for others.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 4 Published: 11/3/2003
bullet Thorongil by Eledhwen Last Updated: 10/1/2003
Telling the tale of Aragorn's "great journeys" and the time he served Thengel of Rohan and Ecthelion of Gondor, under the name Thorongil - Eagle of the Star.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 10 Published: 10/1/2003
bullet While the Ring went south... by Thundera Tiger Last Updated: 8/22/2003
For two weeks, the Fellowship wandered through the wilderness between Caradhras and Rivendell, yet Tolkien tells us almost nothing of this very formative time. Behold the missing scenes! Floods, Wargs, stray arrows, crumbling cliffs, blizzards, personality's all here.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 21 Published: 8/22/2003