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Gandalfs apprentice

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Biography:   My stories are about Aragorn (strictly bookverse, but not always canon). I'm an old-time Tolkien fan from the 1960s.

Please leave me a review! My stories that do not meet SoA requirements, like "The Sword of Elendil," can be found at HASA.

Food for thought:

"Purists might wish for a corpus with fewer contradictions, a canon less amorphous - one that allows them to declare, without equivocation, 'Thus saith Tolkien.' Yet, perhaps the good professor did not intend it to be so....the mythologies of our ancestors are not received in tidy, set form. They are based on oral traditions that took on new flavor as they passed from bard to bard, hamlet to hamlet. Over time, stories changed to reflect the needs and challenges of their tellers. Tolkien knew this; perhaps his greatest gift to us lies in all those unfinished manuscripts, for what we have is a fictional legendry that truly resembles the myths of the real world. And perhaps the greatest tribute to his work is the humble fan's attempt to add her vision to that legendry, for by her efforts, Tolkien's dream of an enduring mythology proves not so fanciful after all."

--erunyauve (erunyauve at, 2004

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The Sword of ElendilStoryYes
The Blue Book of Bilbo Baggins, or, Tales of the Forbidden SilmarillionStoryYes