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Pearl of Great Price  by Lindelea which the author attempts to put to rest all those rumours about Pearl Took, and her part in the sudden demise of Lalia the Fat... er, the Great.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Guess Who's Coming to Tea?2
Chapter  2: The Grim Reaper2
Chapter  3: Message from the Thain1
Chapter  4: A Difficult Decision1
Chapter  5: Transitions3
Chapter  6: The Mistress of Tookland2
Chapter  7: A Busy Morning2
Chapter  8: Bittersweet Reunion2
Chapter  9: Day's End2
Chapter 10: Driving a Bargain1
Chapter 11: In Remembrance3
Chapter 12: Fruitcake1
Chapter 13: Sweetmeats0
Chapter 14: Decorations2
Chapter 15: Family Matters2
Chapter 16: Last Night0
Chapter 17: A Rescue2
Chapter 18: A Switch2
Chapter 19: Into Thin Air2
Chapter 20: Departure2
Chapter 21: Good Measure, Heaped Up, and Running Over2
Chapter 22: On to Buckland1
Chapter 23: Repercussions2
Chapter 24: Battle Ahead3
Chapter 25: Resting Comfortably2
Chapter 26: The Colour of Sunshine2
Chapter 27: Missing3
Chapter 28: The Search4
Chapter 29: The End of the Trail3
Chapter 30: Mistress Lalia's Revenge3
Chapter 31: The Long Ride Home4
Chapter 32: Food for Thought1
Chapter 33: Seeds of Conspiracy3
Chapter 34: For the Sake of Love3
Chapter 35: Best Laid Plans4
Chapter 36: Aftermath3
Chapter 37: Last, But Not Least5
Chapter Author's Notes: Story Notes - Finished!3

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