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The Heir Apparent  by Mirkwoodmaiden
Among the Dunedain Arathorn and Gilraen and fall in love. In Rivendell, their child, Estel is showered with love and wisdom from Elrond and the twins Elladan and Elrohir and and grows into the man who will be king, with a few mishaps along the way... Re-edited some chapters!
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: A Gift Received5
Chapter  2: A Gift Bestowed7
Chapter  3: A Wedding Awaits7
Chapter  4: Elvellon5
Chapter  5: Owing the past; Owing the future 5
Chapter  6: A seed is sown7
Chapter  7: Torn Asunder2
Chapter  8: Never be afraid5
Chapter  9: A Gift from the Valar8
Chapter 10: Acceptance6
Chapter 11: Hope is kindled6
Chapter 12: I will learn5
Chapter 13: The Memory of Love6
Chapter 14: I am not alone5
Chapter 15: Hannon le7
Chapter 16: A Father's Love8
Chapter 17: Reckonings of the heart8
Chapter 18: A Story to Tell...9
Chapter 19: A New Destiny...1
Chapter Epilogue 2: Beyond the Veil10

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