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Out_of_the_Frying_Pan_and_Into_the_Fire  by bryn
relojes replicas Prior to their journey, the Fellowship remained in Rivendell for two months. Let them not be accused of "lounging around." Of misunderstandings, embarrassingly botched scouting missions, and enemies at home and abroad. Proof that when in doubt, things always can get worse.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Disagreeable Characters6
Chapter  2: THIS is the Fate of Middle-earth?2
Chapter  3: Laws of Motion1
Chapter  4: Just Add Water2
Chapter  5: Flight From Rivendell5
Chapter  6: The Lion and the Gnat3
Chapter  7: November Rain1
Chapter  8: Fight or... Fight1
Chapter  9: One With the Animals1
Chapter 10: To Kill a Dwarf2
Chapter 11: The Brilliance of Legolas5
Chapter 12: Silver Is the Color of Hope2
Chapter 13: Arda Hath No Fury Like an Angry Glorfindel2
Chapter 14: A Slip of Tongue2
Chapter 15: The Hobbit Wizard2
Chapter 16: Battle Lines1
Chapter 17: It All Goes Up In Smoke2
Chapter 18: Strength of a Woman1
Chapter 19: Highlands and Lows3
Chapter 20: Trial and Errors, Part I3
Chapter 21: Trial and Errors, Part II2
Chapter 22: Fatherly Love and the Frodohobbit2
Chapter 23: In Reverence of the Mountain Elves1
Chapter 24: If You Give a Dwarf an Arrow2
Chapter 25: The Bear, the Rangers, and Their Wardrobe4
Chapter 26: Lost and Found2
Chapter 27: Wrong Impressions2
Chapter 28: Off of the Mountain and Into the Woods2
Chapter 29: The First of Many Partings2
Chapter 30: This is the House that Oropher Built2
Chapter 31: Two Bags of Tricks and One up the Sleeve1
Chapter 32: Please Do Not Feed the Spiders2
Chapter 33: Heroes of a Smaller Sort2
Chapter 34: When the Bough Breaks1
Chapter 35: Journey to Darkness and Shadow2
Chapter 36: A Madness to the Method1
Chapter 37: East Meets West0
Chapter Epilogue 2: Epilogue: Put a Fork In It3
Chapter Author's Notes: Author Acknowledgements7

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