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Out_of_the_Frying_Pan_and_Into_the_Fire  by bryn 3 Review(s)
Kitt of LindonReviewed Chapter: 6 on 4/24/2004
I wrack my brain and I find that I truely haven't read one were the orcs and wargs fly off with anyone. Heh, poor hobbits...

'Bilbo felt the icy grip of despair close around him. ‘You may have me, O Elf Lord,’ he thought furiously, ‘but I shall not go without a fight!’
“Do your best, Lord Elf!” he cried, “But I will never tell you where they are! You will never find them! Never!”'

-That part had me laughing. Hard.
I like your explaination for why Thrandy sent Legolas to Rivendell. Your Legolas is a true rogue.

ShinkoReviewed Chapter: 6 on 1/26/2004
Ai! The poor hobbits! One wonders where they are being taken. Nice job!

Just for the record, crebain is not singular. It is the plural form of the word craban, meaning crow.

MirielReviewed Chapter: 6 on 9/11/2003
Just for the record, I think the bird attack is original and exciting.

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