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Jay's Drabblets II  by Jay of Lasgalen
Mostly drabbles but a few doubles, all from various prompts and sources.

New: When Bilbo settled in Imladris in TA 3002 he brought a family heirloom with him – Belladonna’s recipe book. A series of drabbles written for the Tolkien Weekly ‘Ailments’ challenge.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Namárië!9
Chapter  2: The Fall of Gondolin10
Chapter  3: Messengers From The West13
Chapter  4: Narn I Hîn Elrond4
Chapter  5: The Bridal Chest4
Chapter  6: Tomb Raiders5
Chapter  7: Cornucopia7
Chapter  8: Winter In Imladris8
Chapter  9: Think Of A World Without Any Harvest7
Chapter 10: The Clouds Burst5
Chapter 11: No Son Of Mine6
Chapter 12: Red, Red Wine10
Chapter 13: It Comes In Pints9
Chapter 14: A Wedding In The Greenwood9
Chapter 15: Primary Sources17
Chapter 16: Zirak-Zigil4
Chapter 17: 'What was That?'9
Chapter 18: The Art Of Diplomacy12
Chapter 19: The Love Of Learning11
Chapter 20: Mischief And Mayhem7
Chapter 21: Meals On Wheels6
Chapter 22: Sometimes You Just Can't Win ...5
Chapter 23: No More Confusion4
Chapter 24: Jam Making3

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