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Jay's Drabblets II  by Jay of Lasgalen

Meals On Wheels

A solitary figure came into view, riding up the mountain path in a little cart pulled by a pony.  The orc sentries watched curiously as it drew nearer.  It was no hated bright elf, nor a man; but short, stout, and covered with bushy hair.

“ ’Ere,” Gorlung whispered.  “What’s that, then?  It ain’t no elf.  What do you reckon, Captain?  You ever seen one before?”

Magrat watched as the figure approached their post.  “ ’Course I know what it is,” he growled.

Gorlung spared him a glance.  “You do?  What is it, then?”

Magrat grinned and licked his lips.  “It’s lunch!”

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