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My Sword Trembles - Book Three - 'My Sword' Series  by Agape4Gondor
Complete at last!!! Chapter Forty-Nine and the Epilogue added. Watch for the sequel, My Sword Reigns, in the coming months! Parts one (My Sword Sings) and two (My Sword Weeps) of this AU are archived here at Stories of Arda. An AU tale of life for Faramir and his aunt and Regent, Indis. Continuation of the "My Sword" saga. It is really not necessary to read the other two books first, but it's a good read (IMHO) and not difficult.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: A Decision3
Chapter  2: Acceptance5
Chapter  3: Just in Case3
Chapter  4: Allies2
Chapter  5: Acquiescence3
Chapter  6: An Empty Bed3
Chapter  7: Archers1
Chapter  8: An Outing3
Chapter  9: The Anduin3
Chapter 10: Plots and Portents3
Chapter 11: A Fearsome Journey3
Chapter 12: A Reckoning3
Chapter 13: A Friend Indeed5
Chapter 14: A Trap3
Chapter 15: The Search2
Chapter 16: Lessons For A Would-be Ranger4
Chapter 17: Torture Revisited2
Chapter 18: Rescued5
Chapter 19: Dubious Dispatches2
Chapter 20: Dilemma6
Chapter 21: An Offer Made5
Chapter 22: Resolve Hard-Won4
Chapter 23: Journeys Interrupted2
Chapter 24: Foul Things3
Chapter 25: A Secret Between An Esquire And His Lord2
Chapter 26: Pain Abated2
Chapter 27: The People Wait6
Chapter 28: An Unwelcome Visitor3
Chapter 29: Sharing Stew and Other Things3
Chapter 30: More Questions, Not Less4
Chapter 31: A Wizard's Charms3
Chapter 32: Friendship Reforged2
Chapter 33: The Beginning of Fare Well3
Chapter 34: The Bitterest of All2
Chapter 35: The Battle for Faramir3
Chapter 36: Enchantments and Spells1
Chapter 37: Of Brine and Bakes2
Chapter 38: Brushed By Evil3
Chapter 39: Must We Repeat2
Chapter 40: Turmoil All Around2
Chapter 41: To Be Steward4
Chapter 42: Missed Celebrations3
Chapter 43: The Gift of the Elves3
Chapter 44: Of Stewards and Kings3
Chapter 45: Strategy and Torpor2
Chapter 46: Comfort and Strength3
Chapter 47: And You, My Friend3
Chapter 48: Of Eagles and Eyries3
Chapter 49: A Moment In Time3
Chapter Author's Notes: Author's Notes2

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