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FŽanorians' Fates Drabble Series  by Alassante
FINALLY Complete - A series of drabbles based on the series of events beginning with the creating of the Silmarils and the first and second kinslayings. ~~2006 MPA Winner - 2nd Place Silmarillion~~ ~~2006 MEFA Winner - Honorable Mention First Age and Prior: Incomplete~~ ~~~2007 MEFA Nominee New chapters added. Rated PG13 for graphic death.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Eru's Lament **Revised**2
Chapter  2: Seduction...Creation...Love...Loss...~ FŽanor's Fate2
Chapter  3: Darkness Falls in the Thousand Caves~ Celegorm's Fate2
Chapter  4: Reflection of Sin ~ Caranthir's Fate0
Chapter  5: Blood Spilt ~ Curufin's Fate0
Chapter  6: NiŽramilo ~ Nerdanel's Fate1
Chapter  7: Twin Flames ~ Amrod's Fate *NEW*0
Chapter  8: Torn Asunder ~ Amras' Fate *NEW*0
Chapter  9: Embrace~ Maedhros' Fate 0
Chapter 10: Sorrowful Waves ~ Maglor's Fate1
Chapter 11: Full Circle ~ Celebrimbor's Fate *NEW*0

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