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Fëanorians' Fates Drabble Series  by Alassante

Thanks to my betas GofI gang, Dawn Felagund, Vladazhael

How could I have been so foolish, to think she would accept me after what I have done, unforgivable sins I have committed? As agony burns in my flesh, I feel total despair for all I have lost, for her, my unyielding beloved. I have lost all and I weep. My songs can no longer bring comfort to me. The wounds go too deep, making my voice harsh and painful to my own ears. Even as I feel my hand scarring from clutching her, I cannot release the item I have sacrificed everything for. The remaining Silmaril is in my grasp but the pain is unbearable. I cannot let go!

Release are not worthy…

Her words tear through my mind and push me closer to the brink of insanity.

Do not cower before me…let me go

Crawling to the sea, I furiously cast her out, away from me, following her commands as Fëanor did before me. As clarity returns, tears of shame fall into my wounded flesh.

'Adar, I have failed thee. I was not strong enough to fulfill my oath. Forgive me.'

Until the end of time, Maglor's requiem will forever be heard in the waves.

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